Suicide Squad Fans Mad at Rotten Tomatoes, Trying To Shut Down Site

Here’s the thing about movies (all movies, including Suicide Squad). Sometimes us diehard fans lose sight of the fact that people are allowed to have different choices and opinions about movies. For the most part, it is a medium of art that often has varied opinions, with “right or wrong” not being a part of […]

School Bans Young Girl’s Wonder Woman Lunchbox for Being Too “Violent”

So as you see from the photo above, young Laura’s Wonder Woman lunchbox was very throwback to 1950’s era Wonder Woman and was also quite safe and tame. But apparently her school system did not think the same thing, as she was issued the following letter and had her Wonder Woman lunchbox banned for ‘violent […]

Night of the Living Deadpool – Complete Story

With the Deadpool trailer blowing up and everyone suddenly wanting a piece of the ‘merc with a mouth”, thought it might be a nice opportunity to give ya’ll geeks some more of Deadpoool’s more interesting stories so you can get a better feel for the character before he becomes the greatest comic book movie ever. […]

12 Inches of Magic: New Retro Deadpool Secret Wars Toy Revealed

For me, Deadpool owns the Marvel universe. Honestly, just my opinion. He was one of Marvel’s first real comics that stopped pandering and was aimed at adults. Funny, violent, and self-aware, he was the comic book ‘hero’ we may not have NEEDED, but we definitely wanted. Good news, Deadpool fans. There is a new Deadpool […]

We Finally Know Why Batman And Superman Are Fighting in ‘Dawn Of Justice’

Okay, Dawn of Justice looks pretty badass, no denying. But many were wondering, why are two DC mega heroes fighting when the next movie clearly shows us they are on the same team (I.E. Birth of Justice = Justice League). Seems the official plot synopsis clears this issue up a bit for anyone wondering: Fearing […]