6 Totally Secret Secrets To Defeating Deadpool

Deadpool, much like any superhero or villain, has his strengths and weaknesses. Strengths being regenerative health, general badassery, and being a master of sass-talk who loves to kill things. Weaknesses being beautiful woman, money, and chimichangas. But how do you take down a self-healing anti hero that is immortal and actually WANTS to die but can’t? […]

The Story of All New, All Different Deadpool

With the Deadpool movie about to drop and blow everyone’s minds, we thought it might be a nice time to have Comicstorian catch you up on the all new, all different Deadpool. What is the all new, all different Deadpool? Well, He’s doesn’t look like chewed hamburger with his mask off for one, and two, WAIT! […]