The 13 Most Ridiculous Types of Stormtroopers


Though we can all admit we thought the original, white costumed versions of the stormtroopers we saw in the first Star Wars movies were quite intimidating and awesome, many variations have come since. It would also be safe to say not all the versions of stormtroopers were as cool or as necessary as the original.

About Incinerator Troopers, io9 says:

These are just Stormtroopers with Flamethrowers, which seems to be cheating. If you gave a Stormtrooper a rocket launcher you could call him a Rockettrooper, or if you gave him a broom you could call him a Sweeptrooper, but the fact of the matter is he’s just a regular Stormtrooper who was issued something besides the standard blaster. No need to get all fancy with it, guys. That said, the really insane thing about Flametroopers is that they’re all “psychopathic pyromaniacs.” That’s the official description. Like, the Empire seeks out pyromaniacs, gives them flamethrowers, trains them to like burning things even more, and then sends them places. This may be the worst idea in the galaxy.

While they may not seem practical, there is something undeniably cool about a stormtrooper laying waste with a flame thrower. You can’t really even be mad at that. But they make a solid point. Psychopaths running around with flame tanks doesn’t always end well, does it? And how would a flame work in space? Either way, fun list.

[Image and story via i09]