6 Worst Things That Have Happened In Space (in Gaming)

Outer space is the perfect place to set a video game. Knowing the limitlessness of science and the sheer size of space makes it the perfect place to pluck from to create a cool new mythos for a video game. Take the recent Prey reboot for example, placing up in space against enemies that could […]


10 Biggest Things In The Universe

Sadly, Kanye West’s ego is not on the list, somehow. TopMedia

It’s Not a Trap: Admiral Ackbar Makes It Into ‘The Force Awakens’

There is something awesome about seeing familiar faces in franchises we love. though Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars may be remembered as a somewhat minor character, his “It’s A Trap” line is almost as quoted as all the bad Yoda impressions Star Wars fans spit out. But it looks like the Admiral will be making […]

May the 4th Be With You: 6 Great Ways You Can Celebrate ‘Star Wars’ Day

As many of us geeks and nerds know, May 4th is Star Wars day (as in May the 4th be with you). It is a cool little play on words, and a great way to recognize what was basically the greatest sci fi trilogy ever made. Even better news, with all the new Stars Wars […]

Top 10 Facts About ‘Futurama’

Futurama was an awesome show, and one that has a cult following that it truly deserves. But as much as us fans truly know about the show, there is a great deal we don’t, and finding stuff out only makes our love for it stronger. Here are 10 cool facts about Futurama you may not […]

50 Great Genre Bending Books Everyone Should Read

For many geeks, books were the first gateways we had to true adventure and limitless freedom. They allowed us to be the space pirates or the sword wielding warriors we always dreamt of. More than just books, they were doorways into worlds we would have never experienced were they not created by the bevvy of […]

N.A.S.A Video Of Shortest Lunar Eclipse in History

Sort of speaks for itself, for those who did not get the see the lovely blood moon this past weekend, here is a version of it in real time, shot by N.A.S.A. Still pretty dang cool. Did seem like it was in an awful hurry for an eclipse, though. [Via Laughing Squid]

The Mars One Project Might Be A Scam

We all know about the Mars One trip that everyone has been talking about. Sending humans to inhabit Mars with the knowledge and understanding they WILL die up there, but will also help make huge leaps scientifically. While it sounded like a cool plot for the Interstellar sequel, seems some people may think this is […]