5 Awesome Nerd Shows More People Need to Watch on Netflix

Netflix is becoming like a perfect nerd robot that sits around the house all day waiting to entertain us, and then does whatever we ask it. In this case, we come home and want to watch some geek TV, but have no idea where to start, because there are so many options. What makes a […]

Man Gains Special Ability To Have Anything He Touches Turn Lego (Short Film)

What would you do if you had the power to turn anything you touched to Lego? Would you go as far as they go in this fantastically creative video by the guys over at Corridor Digital? You wanna say no, but how would you know unless you yielded the true power of Lego? Below shows […]

10 Things Only Gamers Will Understand

There are certain horrible things that only gamers can relate to. Things that only people who have been gaming for most of their lives will shake their heads at. This list is all about those kinds of things. You know, like that massive jumble of wires we all have in our living rooms from when […]

That Moment When You See A Car That ‘Gets It’

Ah. nerd culture. We truly have taken over the world, as this car’s perfect sticker placement proves. (Imgur)

That Moment When Gaming Breaks the Fourth Wall and Hurts Your Feelings

WELL, I, UM, BET YOU DON’T HAVE AN N.P.C, A.I CONTROLLED FRIENDS OR WHATEVER! *Hits power and runs off crying at how deeply those words cut. God gaming, I love you. But sometimes you really hurt me. (Imgur)

Someone Finally Caught Pikachu

Well, after all these years, looks like someone caught a Pikachu. I would love to pretend like I am an actual adult and not jealous right now, but I am slightly jealous. (Imgur)

Brace Yourselves: Top 5 N.E.S Games of All Time

I would find making a list like this impossible. The top five N.E.S games of all time? How do you even decide? Well, thankfully, someone else did for me. [Via Zoomin.TV.Games]