Bringing Back the Best Mark Hamill Picture of All Time

I know you have seen it before, I know it gets posted once a year, but that is the point. This picture is as majestic as a unicorn, and I am sure when Hamill took it he had no idea that one day the Internet would make the picture famous, yet here we are, our […]


Han and Leia Make the Coolest Bathroom Towel Set Ever!

Every Star Wars fan knows the scene in Empire when Princess Leia finally tells Han she loves him before he is about to be dipped in carbonite and he says “I know” as one of the coolest scenes in any movie ever. Dude doesn’t even say it back, and in the script he said I […]

These International Rogue One Posters Have Us Even More Excited About the Movie

Rogue One looks like it will bring us back to the retro Star Wars we all grew up on and loved, while bringing something all new to the table as well. From the lack of Jedi in the film to the supposed cameo of a certain Darth we all love to hate, Rogue One is […]

Calling All Star Wars Fans: You Need to Watch Fan film ‘Exile’

I write for quite a few geek sites and get sent a bevvy of fan videos of all flavors. Truth is, sometimes when you get an email with someone asking you to share their film, you kind of cringe when you sit down to watch it, scared to be honest with them if it isn’t […]

Battlefront: Finally Worth Asking Price

Yup, seems about right for four hours of gaming. I’ll buy Battlefront now. Editor’s note: I bought the game last Christmas for my son, and I agree, while the game was fun at first, we barely play it anymore. (Imgur)

Mark Hamill Proves Once Again Why He Is a Geek God [Pics + Video]

This just stands as a testimonial to how cool Luke Skywalk…I mean Mark Hamill really is. Side note, headline for this on Reddit was “Mark Hamill is such a Joker.” Points to all the geeks who get the reference within a reference there. All hail Hamill. He who shall restore balance to the force! Edit: […]

Fans Are Remaking Star Wars: KOTOR With Modern Visuals

In a move that will leave most gamers incredibly happy, some fans of the original KOTR game (Knights of the Old Republic, which many consider to be the greatest Star Wars game ever made, and ONE of the best RPGs ever made) are remaking the game with modern visuals. From creators Apeiron: ÔÇťApeiron is a […]

10 Movie Theories That Completely Change Star Wars Films

The best part of Star Wars is not so much the Star Wars universe as it is the speculation among fans where that universe is going next. So many fans have so many different theories, so which ones do you believe? Well, that is completely up to you, but here are ten more theories that […]