Step Up Your Game, Voldermort!


We all look back at the Harry Potter franchise with loving eyes. From the fantastic books to the stellar films, the series has embedded itself in geek culture, and with good reason. A great story about a young boy who finds himself and his true purpose in the process, it is also easy to look […]

Battlefront: Finally Worth Asking Price


Yup, seems about right for four hours of gaming. I’ll buy Battlefront now. Editor’s note: I bought the game last Christmas for my son, and I agree, while the game was fun at first, we barely play it anymore. (Imgur)

Mark Hamill Proves Once Again Why He Is a Geek God [Pics + Video]


This just stands as a testimonial to how cool Luke Skywalk…I mean Mark Hamill really is. Side note, headline for this on Reddit was “Mark Hamill is such a Joker.” Points to all the geeks who get the reference within a reference there. All hail Hamill. He who shall restore balance to the force! Edit: […]

Fans Are Remaking Star Wars: KOTOR With Modern Visuals


In a move that will leave most gamers incredibly happy, some fans of the original KOTR game (Knights of the Old Republic, which many consider to be the greatest Star Wars game ever made, and ONE of the best RPGs ever made) are remaking the game with modern visuals. From creators Apeiron: ÔÇťApeiron is a […]

10 Movie Theories That Completely Change Star Wars Films


The best part of Star Wars is not so much the Star Wars universe as it is the speculation among fans where that universe is going next. So many fans have so many different theories, so which ones do you believe? Well, that is completely up to you, but here are ten more theories that […]

The Force is Strong With My Dishes…..

rem tie fighter

Is it just me, or do my recently washed dishes in this photo look suspiciously like a TIE fighter? Did the Force just awaken in my house? You know I am a true geek when I stopped what I was doing at 2 a.m to take a pic of this to share with the world. […]

10 Star Wars ‘The Force Awakens’ Scenes You’ve Never Seen


The actual name of the list may be a bit misleading, but these are still some very cool Force Awakens “scenes,” trailer scenes, and teaser photos that didn’t quite make it to the final product. Makes me wonder if any of this will show up in the many sequels we have coming in the years […]

Star Wars: The Top 20 Coolest Spaceships

dapta kokko

The “what is the best ship is the Star Wars universe?” debate will most likely rage forever, because there are so many different answers. Some love the (obvious choice) Millennium Falcon, while others (myself included) think the TIE Fighters are the coolest ship (design) beaming around the galaxy. Den of Geek have thrown together a […]

Rebel Scum Can’t Fly

rebel rebel

So how much testing do Rebel pilots have to take before they are given the okay to fly, because this pilot seems to be having some trouble… Image Via Kotaku

Why Kylo Ren Might Just Be ‘Star Wars’ Best Villain Yet


I wrote (Editor’s note: Remy Carreiro) a short article addressing all the “Crylo” Ren jokes people have been making all over the web about The Force Awakens baddie, Kylo Ren over at Calling him emo and whiny, seemingly unaware of how character arcs are supposed to work. So you think his throwing tantrums shows […]

BOBA FETT vs SARLACC PIT in Star Wars: Battlefront


Oh wait, don’t make me live it again! Oh, I guess it was just fate he ended up in there, huh. No matter how many ways you try to avoid it, Fetts and Sarlaccs just seem to go together. [OutsideXbox]

The Force Awakens Themed Nintendo 64 [Pics + Video]


Every geek who saw The Force Awakens is geeking out hard right now and for good reason. Someone made an awesome Star Wars movie again, finally. One place you can expect to see that Force Awakens love reflected is in mods of consoles, such as this Nintendo 64 modded to look like it was found […]