Show Me Star Wars, Without Showing Me Star Wars

YouTuber Paulogia Live asked the question, “If every copy of Star Wars was destroyed, could we recreate A New Hope from non-Lucasfilm projects?” And then he answered the question himself, by editing together a shorter but comprehensive version of the original 1977 Star Wars using parodies, tributes, and cultural references found in movies, TV shows, […]

Cary Grant pilots the Millennium Falcon in Darth by Darthwest 2

It’s been more than four years since Fabrice Mathieu brought us the surreal short Darth by Darthwest, in which Cary Grant was chased down by a TIE fighter in a mashup of North by Northwest and Star Wars. Now we have episode 2! Roger Thornhill (Grant) is taken aboard the Millennium Falcon for a ride. […]

The Star Wars Expands Massively With “The High Republic”

Disney/Lucasfilm has unveiled the creation of a new Star Wars universe. Oh, it’s still in a galaxy far, far away, but a new series of books called The High Republic is set even longer ago, specifically 200 years before the events we know from the movies. We’ll see the first of these publications in August. […]

The Saga: Star Wars with Tommy Wiseau

Think of the two most awkward, wooden acting performances you’ve seen in your life. Yeah, that would be Hayden Christensen in the Star Wars prequels and Tommy Wiseau in The Room. This mashup from PistolShrimps puts them together, not only in the same story, but in an intimate relationship that somehow produces a son named […]