10 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Futurama

Futurama was an amazing TV show well ahead of its time (literally, by thousands of years). Littered with in-jokes, satire of our own modern world, and an examination about just where we might be heading as a society, calling the show anything but brilliant is selling it short. And any true fan of Futurama will […]


7 Times Games Made Us Do Actual Things In Real Life

I know it is a lazy thing to say, but one of the best things about gaming is forgetting about your responsibilities and being able to sit in one place for hours and hours without moving. If we wanted to do actual STUFF, we would go outside. We would play Pokemon Go! All kidding aside […]

7 Unsafe Theme Parks That Would Be Condemned Immediately

Of course none of us would willingly go to an amusement park where mascots come to life and kill people, but the Seagate Amusement Park in Arkham Knight (Matter of Family DLC) was insanely awesome looking, even closed down and dilapidated. I MIGHT check that one out, but all these others not-so-much. That is but […]

10 Major Movie Plot Holes You Probably Missed

Do NOT mock the power of the silent dinosaur. It is both a dinosaur AND a ninja… (WhatCulture)

Star Wars: The Top 20 Coolest Spaceships

The “what is the best ship is the Star Wars universe?” debate will most likely rage forever, because there are so many different answers. Some love the (obvious choice) Millennium Falcon, while others (myself included) think the TIE Fighters are the coolest ship (design) beaming around the galaxy. Den of Geek have thrown together a […]

No Stars on TripAdvisor: A List of Terrible Video Game Hotels

There is just something off about video game hotels. There is something very “The Shining” about them. Seems any hotel you encounter in a video game has some vile, twisted secret. Here is a list to prove exactly what we are talking about and might make you think twice about traveling, even in your video […]

Every Jedi Ever [Video]

This is a video of, literally, every Jedi that has ever been featured in any Star Wars films or TV shows. Here, for Thanksgiving leftovers, have ALL the jedi! All the JEDI ever! Via IGN

The 10 Things You Forgot About Power Rangers’ First Episode

Honestly, for your own sake, it would be more normal if you didn’t remember the first episode of Power Rangers. I mean, that was so long and so many generations ago. Regardless, here are ten things most normal people have forgotten about the Power Ranger’s first episode. (Ign)