Reader Poll: What Was the Best Video Game of 2016? (You Might Win a Free T-Shirt!)

Well here we are. Just about the reach the final stretch in 2016, and this leaves us with many pop culture, geek related questions. Though many will be posed to our readers over next month, I wanted to start with the the geek aspect I love most: Gaming. 2016 had some killer games drop, definitely […]

8 Strangest Red Dead Redemption Missions (That Red Dead Redemption 2 Needs to Top)

Let’s none of us pretend we are not BEYOND hyped for Red Dead 2. We know we have to wait a year, and we know that year will feel like slow motion because we all will want it to pass, but when Red Dead 2 finally does get released, we all already know the game […]

Ennui: The No Man’s Sky Cardgame

*Stands up and slow claps. I don’t even need to say anything. Anyone who has played No Man’s Sky gets this joke. Go here if you wanna talk about how genius this is. As for me, at this point, the less I say about this ‘game’ the better. Editor’s note: As far as I’m concerned, […]

Play Outlast 2 Demo Now (at Your Own Risk)

I loved the first Outlast game and found it to be one of the most disturbing video games I have ever played in my life (and yes, I have played both Manhunt games). So naturally, when I heard a playable demo for part two was already available (Steam, PS4 Store, Xbox One,) I snatched it […]

That Unicorn Tho: 10 Weirdest Weapons In Video Gaming

I don’t care. As far as I am concerned EVERY VIDEO GAME ON THE MARKET should have a screaming unicorn that shoots rainbows out of its behind as a weapon. Game over, Red Faction Armageddon wins. It’s a wrap folks. Every other game weapon can now bow down before that, for real. Even the BFG […]

Resident Evil 7 PS4: Dinner with the Bakers Trailer is Freaky!

After Resident Evil 6 and the fallout of how different and action-based that game was, true fans of the series knew Capcom had to come with something big for Resident Evil 7 to get the game series back on track. We wanted scary, we wanted ammo conservation, we wanted a game that felt like the […]

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas Official Gamescom 2016 Trailer

I swear to God, not even being a troll here, I thought I was watching the Wind Waker trailer the first time I saw Oceanhorn, and I know I am not the only one. From the lush visuals to even the theme they play while the character is on that awfully familiar boat, it all […]

Newspaper Tells Us What We Already Knew, Gamers Rule

But kids, show this to your parents next time they tell you video games will rot your brain while they spend nine hours on social media, uploading Instagram pictures of what they wore and ate that day. (Reddit)

New Best Internet Pic Ever: Yes Man’s Sky

So you heard the news? Players actually have ran into one another in No Man’s Sky (but they couldn’t see each other). But rather than address that debacle, why don’t we take a minute to look at this No Man’s Sky mashed up with Yes Man from Fallout NV pic and realize it is stuff like […]

Bots That Walk Off Cliffs: How Does Video Game AI Work?

AI is one of those “keywords” that gamers like to bring up a lot, but only coders and game programmers truly know anything about it for real. While most people know AI means artificial intelligence, and most gamers know that means how the non-human bots are programmed to act in video games, what do we […]

Attack on No Man’s Sky: Top 10 NEW Games Of August 2016

All you pretty much have to say to me is Attack on Titan and No Man’s Sky and I already know which games have me drooling the hardest to get my hands on this month. And here are 8 others, too. If No Man’s Sky lives up to its true hype and potential, after August […]

None-Up: In My World, Super Mario is a Wee Bit Darker….

I like geek stuff. I like dark stuff. It’s never made sense to me why I am not allowed to like both at once. It is like the geek world and horror world are different, but they aren’t. They are both genres and mediums people use to escape the monotony of their own lives. As an […]