10 Highest Grossing Movies Based on Video Games

It is a well-known fact that video game movies don’t always represent their source material very well, and for that reason, aren’t the highest grossing movies of all time by any means. But this does not mean all video game movies have been complete financial flops. Hell, some have even been decent in the process. […]


Jealousy Factor 100%: Playing Mario Kart at a Drive-In

I have a pretty good life and I am lucky (and worked really hard for it). I get to write about geek stuff, and rarely do I suffer from envy. But even a soul as stoic as I can admit, wholly, that as a gamer I felt seething jealousy when I saw this picture. Yes, […]

The 14 NEW Game Releases of the Week (8/28 – 9/3) Upcoming Games 2017 for PS4 Xbox One Switch PC

Looks like we have quite a week in store for us gamers. Hope you have your wallet crammed because this might be an expensive week for us. And yes, even the Nintendo Switch is covered. For me, the Life is Strange prequel no one expected has me most excited. What game has you drooling? Games […]

6 Games That You’ll Never Play

There are few things that hurt a gamer as much as when some sick looking new game gets announced and we get all hyped for it over the years and then we get the news: That game is never coming out. There can be many reasons that games get canceled, but it makes the news […]

Horizon Zero Evil of the Nioh Wild: Top 15 Best Games of 2017 So Far

2017 has been a banner year for gaming. We are only halfway through the year and I can already tell you that this  year has been one of the best for console gaming in a very long time. But with so many amazing games out there, which ones are the very best of 2017, so […]

10 Things Non-Gamers Get Wrong About Gamers

We gamers are an easy lot to judge, yet no one seems to judge us accurately. We are sometimes mocked in pop culture as geeks, yet video games are making more than Hollywood movies now, so clearly it is not just “geeks” who game. Everyone from little girls to single dads game, with every demographic […]

TOP 11 NEW Games Coming in June 2017 – BEST JUNE 2017 GAMES (PS4/Xbox One/Switch/PC)

2017 has been a hell of a year for us gamers. We are not even halfway through the year and we have had some perfect games. Seriously, Horizon Zero Dawn and Breath of the Wild teeter on perfection, and those are just two examples of the many top-tier games that have come out so far. […]

10 Games That Show That Japanese Developers are Back

I’m sorry, but Yakuza 0 is about as much fun as I have EVER HAD in an open-world game. While Japanese developers seemed to be vanishing for a while, from the blistering fun of the aforementioned Yakuza game to the hottest Persona just dropping and dropping jaws in the process, safe to say Japanese game developers […]