What to Expect Now That Spiderman is Back in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe


It finally happened. Marvel and Sony and Disney and Jesus and whoever else may have been involved finally made the RIGHT choice to take Spiderman and put him into the Marvel universe, where he belongs. Though all sides have been trying to reach an agreement for some time, after the last Spiderman film tanked, seems the franchise knew it was running out of steam and needed some new life injected into it. So what does this mean for lovers of the webhead and Marvel universe in general?

Wired has some great insights into it:

The surprise announcement was made late last night, via a joint press release from Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marvel Studios. While a lot of people have taken this news to mean that Marvel now “has” Spider-Man, that’s not exactly true; Sony Pictures still controls the movie rights to the character and will, the announcement explains, “finance, distribute, own and have final creative control” of any futureSpider-Man movies, with Marvel (and, more specifically, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, who’ll become a producer) acting as creative consultant.

All we can say for now is we are glad Spiderman is back where he belongs, and we are excited to see what’s in store for the web slinger next. Rumor is he may turn up first in the next Captain America movie which is based around the Marvel Civil War story line. Anyone who knows anything about the story line knows that this will redefine how we look at the character (and seems like a brilliant way to reintroduce him to his jaded fan base). I, for one, can’t wait. Wonder who will get cast next?

Take to the comments and tell us who YOU would pick to play Spidey next!

[image via ScreenRant, story Via Wired]

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