Damian Todd: Who Is The Most Skilled Robin?

When it comes to Batman and Robin, anyone who has followed the Caped Crusader’s adventures can tell you there have been quite a few different versions of Robin, often with very different personalities. You have the boyishness of Jason Todd (stained by The Joker’s assault, voted on by READERS AND FANS) and you even have […]

Top 10 Biggest Differences Between Marvel and DC

Since I was a comic collecting kid, there were always two schools of comic fandom. DC or Marvel (with the wisest and geekiest of us collecting both, and IMAGE, and more) but there was a clear line drawn in the sand between those two major companies, with Marvel coming out ahead sometimes (X-Men) and DC […]

Captain America: Civil War Review

So Marvel’s Civil War is about to drop in a few weeks, and while the buzz is good, can the movie live up to all the hype, all while avoiding the missteps made my DC’s Dawn of Justice? Rest assured, my fellow geeks. It is a fantastic movie that nails that tone of the comic […]

Spider-Ham FTW: The Alternate Versions Of Spider-Man!

When I was twelve years old, I walked into my local comic shop. A place called New England Comics. There, I saw a comic book called Peter Porker: the Spectacular Spider Ham #1. I kid you not. I knew a true geek gem the minute I saw it and I snatched it up. It is […]

Marvel Comic’s Gwenpool – Origins (Howard the Duck)

Yes, right now in the Marvel Universe there is a new character called Gwenpool. Any true comic fan should know what two Marvel names that is together in one. Yes, Gwen Stacy and Deadpool. She is insane and charming and kind of the anti-Deadpool while still having ‘Pool qualities. Ah, Comicstorian can it explain it […]

Supervillain Origins: The Blob

The Blob has been featured in the X-Men universe for a long time, but I bet if you asked ANY X-Men fan the origin story of The Blob or how he came to be, very few would know. So watch this video, and you will know. It is that simple. [WatchMojo]

Secret Wars Part 1 “The End” – InComplete Story

For those not in the know of current comics, the most recent Secret Wars have changed everything in Marvel comics. Yes, changed up pretty much everything you know, and to be out of this loop will mean being out of this loop when the Marvel movies finally catch up, so rather than have you out […]

Avengers Holiday Special SANTA ULTRON!!

Just in time for Christmas…. [Comicstorian]

Journals of Obi Wan Star Wars – Complete Story

In my personal opinion, Obi Wan is the bad guy of the Star Wars universe. Manipulating Luke into killing his Dad. Refusing all the others of the Jedi council who knew Anakin was bad news. Getting struck down in front of Darth just so Luke could see and hate his Dad. It was all manipulative. […]

Top 10 Super Heroes That Deserve Better Games

You would think making video games about super heroes would ensure those games were awesome, as the heroes themselves usually are. But the truth is, for a long time, super heroes got really crappy video games. While we may finally have some good Batman games worth mentioning (with Deadpool and Wolverine also having decent games), […]

Top 10 Biggest Superhero Deaths

Moment of silence. please…. (Via WatchMojo)

New Solo ‘Batman’ Film Rumored To Be In Works With Affleck to Direct

We all knew this news was inevitable. They are not just going to cast a new Batman and Joker and then put them into side movies (Suicide Squad, Dawn of Justice). We all figured this was the start of a new Batman franchise. What might make the news upsetting to some who have been against […]