Civil War: Tom Holland Stole the Show from Robert Downey Jr.

We already talked this week about how amazing Chadwick Boseman’s performance as Black Panther was in Civil War. How everything from his costume to his steely, intense demeanor was perfectly nailed. But we barely touched on Tom Holland as Spider-Man, because so many people were already talking about how great the kid was, and yes, […]

Let’s Talk about Black Panther in ‘Civil War’ (No Spoilers)

Most people seem to be walking away from Marvel’s Civil War smiling wide and praising it. You hear a lot of Spiderman talk (and yes, they finally got him totally perfect) and some people will talk about that airport fight scene, and everyone isn’t wrong. That stuff was all amazing. But, can we please take […]

What to Expect Now That Spiderman is Back in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe

It finally happened. Marvel and Sony and Disney and Jesus and whoever else may have been involved finally made the RIGHT choice to take Spiderman¬†and put him into the Marvel universe, where he belongs. Though all sides have been trying to reach an agreement for some time, after the last Spiderman film tanked, seems the […]