WTF of the Day: Ramen Flavored Ice Cream

So apparently for all you college kids who love eating soup that costs 20 cents a package, now there is Ramen flavored ice cream, so when you are done eating your soup, you can eat an ice cream version of your soup. The bad news is it will only be available at the Cup Noodle […]


Top 10 Most Beautiful Animated Movies of All Time

To underestimate the power of an animated movie is to undermine the power of a truly powerful medium. Animated does NOT mean just for kids, and as you will see from this, some animated movies out there easily outshine regular movies in just how breathtaking they are to behold as well as the impact they […]

The Most Insane Japanese Cup O’ Noodles Commercial You’ll Ever See

Anyone who has ever been a college student or less than rich can tell you Cup O’ Noodles is pretty much one of the best inventions of all time. Keeping gamers and college kids fed since the dawn of gaming and college, this Cup O’ Noodles commercial felt way too cool to not share with […]

DC Characters In Insane New Korean Commercial (Looks Like Movie In itself)

I am not even sure what to say about this. It is all your favorite DC superheroes, and it all looks very expensive and dramatic. But keep in mind, as awesome as it looks, you need to wait for the plot twist at the end, that makes it all very Korean. I, for one, wasn’t […]

Top 10 Smartest Anime Series Villains

Anime villains seems to fall into two categories. One, they are either batsh*t insane and just want to destroy the world and eat people’s heads, or they are absolutely genius and brilliant (but still super evil). This list focuses on the anime villains who seem to have the most brilliant and dastardly minds. (Via WatchMojo)

What to Expect Now That Spiderman is Back in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe

It finally happened. Marvel and Sony and Disney and Jesus and whoever else may have been involved finally made the RIGHT choice to take SpidermanĀ and put him into the Marvel universe, where he belongs. Though all sides have been trying to reach an agreement for some time, after the last Spiderman film tanked, seems the […]

Batmanga: Japan’s 1960’s Batman Finally Gets American Release

Batmanga was the Japanese version of Batman who was created in the 1960’s by manga artistĀ Jiro Kuwata. Obviously, for international reasons, the comics seemed destined to never reach this shore. UNTIL NOW that is! Check out Batmanga and prepare to have your mind blown. Though there are some slight differences in art style and storytelling, […]

Giant Head Floats Over Japan in Insanely Unique Art Project

Artist Haruka Kojin had a surreal dream one night as a child, and it was so absurd, she decided she had to make it a reality. It involved the floating head of an old man, far larger than real life scale, and with the help of Utsunomiya Museum of Art in Japan and a bunch […]