5 Unscripted Moments in ‘Far Cry 4’ That Will Blow Your Mind


[image via Gamespot]

The Far Cry game series just seems intent on getting better and better. With the first two games in the series it seemed like they were testing the waters, but they mastered it by part 3. A fun and over-the-top game full of water cooler moments that would rival any summer blockbuster. But with Far Cry 4, Ubisoft has taken insanity to new levels. Though the game itself is an absolute blast, as I have come to discover, it is the moments BETWEEN the major missions where this game really seems to shine. Here are five unscripted moments from Far Cry 4 that prove it might be one of the most insane (and fun) games out there right now.

Elephant Versus Rhino Battle

Sometimes, the wildlife in Kyrat (where the game takes place) can pose more of a threat than the actual enemies you face. On one occasion, I was riding an elephant on my way to take back an outpost, and I encountered a rhino. The thing is, rhinos in this game are like ‘roided’ out gym freaks. They just wanna flip cars and destroy things. What ended up happening was a game of chicken between the elephant I was riding and the raging rhino. I won’t tell you how it played out in case you can experience this, but it makes you feel like a true badass.

Sometimes, as you’ll see below, the animals work together and help you, which is even cooler.

Setting Raging Wildlife Free on the Bad Guys

Though you could use this ability in part 3 of this series as well, Far Cry 4 takes it to new heights. You’ll marvel at what these marauding beasts can do! Just be well aware, when everyone else is dead, they will come for you. So in a case like this, watch from a VERY safe distance unless you want to be dessert.

What is there about the above video that is NOT awesome?

Wingsuit Parachute Landing in the Back of a Moving Truck

Much like Far Cry 3, you do get the amazing wingsuit action again. By the end of the game (my run was 50 plus hours), you will have mastered how to use the suit, when to pull the chute, and how to generally be the guy you imagine you are in your head. At one point, I was standing on ledge and saw a truck (being driven by a friendly NPC) that had an open back. I jumped, switched from wingsuit to chute in about six seconds time, and landed in the back of the moving truck.

It was not a part of a mission. Was not part of the story. Was just pure, unscripted fun which is one of the things that makes this game so damn fun!

 Take Down A Fortress with No Alarms

The fortresses from Far Cry 4 are just like the outposts from the last game, only way more fortified and challenging. A big part of liberating the outposts  and fortresses in the game is doing so in as quietly a manner as possible. Because if you are spotted, the enemy will trigger an alarm (which will then call waves of enemies to your location). To take down an outpost (which may have one, two, or three alarms) without being spotted is a great feeling. But to do it to a FORTRESS of enemies (with more alarms, more enemies, stronger weapons) without triggering one alarm makes you feel like a freaking ninja.


 Shoot Driver in Face Moments Before He Mows you Down

It sounds violent, I know. But the world of Kyrat is filled with dangers beset on all sides. Often, when you are walking a main road, you will encounter enemy vehicles. Some of them will pull over and jump out and attack, while others will just do their best NOT to avoid you with their speeding vehicle.

For me, the scenario was this. Am in middle of road, and see a “red” truck coming at me (red means bad guy). Instead of dashing off to the side, I just steady my hand-cannon (yes, that is the actual name of the gun I was yielding at the time) and shoot him square in the face.

The car rolls to a ‘dead’ stop about an inch away from running my character over. Yeah, that gets filed under “awesome”, and makes you feel like you are living every action movie ever made. Up that feeling by using a grenade or rocket launcher and having a flaming tire roll inches past you. Yup, that happens too.

Essentially, even the glitches in this game are fun. There is nothing not to love about Far Cry 4.

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