Top 10 7s

Top 10 7’s may sound and look strange, but what this simply means is these are the best seventh games in a series. Just shows you, some series lose steam after three entries, but some just has what it takes to keep getting better. Here are some examples, via Gametrailers.

Top 10 Casual Games

Some people like to play hardcore games and break a sweat (and a few controllers in the process). While others like casual games. Games you can pick up and play whenever without getting too invested or losing too much time. Whether they are mobile games or not, casual games still need to be considered games, […]

Top 5 Alien invasions in Games

Alien invasions and video games have always gone hand-in-hand. If you think back to the first few video games you ever played, they were mostly based around alien invasions. From Space Invaders to Tempest, space was just easy to replicate on systems, and the possibilities were endless for the gamer. But now, generations into gaming, […]