Never Underestimate Goodwill Thrift Stores

Some lucky former 90’s child from Imgur snagged these two awesome items from a local Goodwill and spent a measly three bucks for the pair. See, magic still exists out there, and we CLEARLY haven’t caught them all yet. Advertisements


10 Things Non-Gamers Get Wrong About Gamers

We gamers are an easy lot to judge, yet no one seems to judge us accurately. We are sometimes mocked in pop culture as geeks, yet video games are making more than Hollywood movies now, so clearly it is not just “geeks” who game. Everyone from little girls to single dads game, with every demographic […]

Coolest and Most Prolific Gamers of the Year, 2016 Edition

When people think about gamers, they don’t often think “I wonder who the gamers of the year were”, because how would one bestow such a title? What are the paradigms? How high is the bar and who is eligible. Truth is, Kotaku has some great points about some very valid contenders for gamer of the year. Take for […]

10 Ways Gamers Can Make Money

What is cooler than getting paid to play (or write, or write about, or playtest) video games for a living? Pretty freaking cool. I can tell you, as I do it for a living, it is as boss as it seems. But I know what most gamers are thinking. How can WE get paid to […]

The Justification As To Why All Hardcore Gamers Get No Sleep, EVER

We all have different versions of the above excuse. Mine two go-to’s are: Gotta get to next save point. (and/or) Need to save game after BOSS fight. Those are the two excuses I would use most often when gaming late and wanting to game even later. And what is funny is, the excuses tend to […]

7 Nonsense Things Gamers Try That Are No Use Whatsoever

You know every gamer is guilty of at least one of these. That’s what makes the list so funny. [PlaystationAccess]

Top 10 NEW Games of January 2016

New Year, new month, new games. Though it is still very early in the year there are still a few gems to keep your eyes peeled for this month! The new Final Fantasy coming this month may look a little cute, but it is still a new Final Fantasy so I am pretty hyped. Which […]

Top 10 Video Game Characters That Deserve Their Own Spin-off

You have to admit, there are some video games you play through and the side characters stand out more than the main character, leaving you wondering why the side character didn’t have their own game. This WatchMojo list addresses just that by showing us what side characters from video games deserve their own spin off […]