Until Dawn: Rush of Blood – Launch Trailer [VR Horror Game]

Until Dawn was one of the better horror games of the last few years, presenting the player with some crazy tense choices and some completely unsettling moments that helped it rise to the top of the heap of most modern ‘scary’ video games. Good news for fans of the series as we now have Until […]

QUESTION: What Is YOUR Desert Island Video Game?

It is a simple question but one I have never been posed so I thought I would pose it to all the geeks and gamers who read this site (thank you for that, by the way). If you were to ever be stranded on a desert island and could only bring one game (and the […]

Mighty No. 9 Honest Game Trailer [Video]

I think a great deal of us can say this in unison: Mighty No. 9 did not quite live up to the massive wall of hype it set up for itself, and this left a few gamers (and Kickstarter investors) a wee bit perturbed. While touted as the spiritual successor to the Mega Man series […]

So You Say You Are Halo’s Biggest Fan, Huh?

I sometimes have remind myself and my geekiest friends the fine line between being something’s biggest fan and having an “obsession.” They always look at me strangely, but from now on I will say: You can be me. *Wears old Halo t-shirt and smiles OR You can be THIS person. *Holds up this pic There […]

This Overwatch Game Review Done as Rap is Insane

I sat down to watch this video half expecting it to suck or seem like it was trying too hard and forcing it’s concept on us  (ohhh, a review done as a rap, cool) but I cannot lie, this review is spot on, it will make you want to play the game, it will make […]

Doom Gameplay: 5 Most Impressive Levels Built In Doom’s Minecraft-like SnapMap Editor

With all the video game talk this week being about the new Doom game (some love it, some hate it, like most games) we thought it might be nice to show you geeks some of the crazy levels fans are already building in the level editor. Like the game or not, features like this add […]

7 Worst First Party Controllers Ever Made

I can tell you right now, I have a Ouya in my house and it is the worst thing that ever happened to me. From the terrible main screen to the loose feeling, heavy-ass controller, it just is an abomination. And there are six other controllers from hell on this list for you to laugh […]

No Stars on TripAdvisor: A List of Terrible Video Game Hotels

There is just something off about video game hotels. There is something very “The Shining” about them. Seems any hotel you encounter in a video game has some vile, twisted secret. Here is a list to prove exactly what we are talking about and might make you think twice about traveling, even in your video […]

Top 5 NEW Games of December 2015

December’s crop of movies looks insane this year (Star Wars, Hateful 8) so but what about video games? Is the video game scene going to be as strong as the movie scene this month? Watch this video and decide for yourself. These are all the best games dropping this month. (Gameranx)

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – All Attack Cutscenes

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege is getting a lot of buzz right now. Taking it from tactical play in war zones to gameplay that is more akin to stopping war-time home invasions, this game has people drooling at the thought of Rainbow Six being the amazing series it once was. Check out all the “attack” […]

Star Wars: Battlefront – Review

So with all the talk being about Fallout 4, people have forgotten to ask. Is Stars Wars Battlefront as good as it looks? Yes and no… but mostly yes. See for yourself. Buy Star Wars: Battlefront on Amazon.com. (GT Reviews)

10 Halo Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Halo is a massive and beloved franchise with a huge fan base. But even then, some of the fans don’t even know just how deep this universe goes. Here are ten Halo facts some of even the most die-hard Halo fans might not have been aware of. [Gameranx]