8 Unexpectedly Hazardous Schools to Not Enrol At Ever

High school is tough enough without having to add “saving the universe” to your curriculum. You may think your school sucked, but not as badly as these 8 depicted in video games. I would go to a high school with all pigeons, though. This will make sense to those of you who have watched the […]

Gaming Summed Up By One Picture

This is SO true about gaming that no one can argue it. It actually made me laugh out loud. Why? Because I thought I was the only one who lived in these extremes, but this meme proves otherwise. Glad to know I am not the only one who likes creating peace among anarchy in some […]

Gameboy Selfies: Not Everything Was Better in the 90’s

Yes, we could use our Gameboys and a Gameboy printer add-on (along with the cumbersome Gameboy camera you see above ) to take and print out selfies long before selfies were called selfies. Granted, the resolution looked like the picture was taken on a potato, and it was slow and archaic, but man, we loved […]

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War New Trailer (2017) (PS4/Xbox One/PC)

Shadows of Mordor is easily one of my favorite games of all-time and about as close as I have come to 100%ing a game, ever. I just thought the Nemesis system was genius, and the way each orc (Uruk-hai) had a unique personality and unique battle traits made for an amazingly engrossing game. Well, time […]

Hellblade: A Groundbreaking Take On Mental Illness More Games Could Learn From

I have pretty much been obsessed with Hellblade since it was first announced (not too long ago, actually). One of the aspects of the game that really drove my curiosity was the fact that the main character, Senua, deals with dark psychological issues (AKA mental illness) and the game was said to deal with it […]

Why HELLBLADE Is Only Gonna Cost $30

Since I first saw the above trailer for Hellblade by Ninja Theory, I have been foaming at the mouth to get my hands on it. Not only is it utterly gorgeous, but it looks like the story is going to deal with some dark psychological aspects and the action looks more intense as anything we’ve […]

6 Games That You’ll Never Play

There are few things that hurt a gamer as much as when some sick looking new game gets announced and we get all hyped for it over the years and then we get the news: That game is never coming out. There can be many reasons that games get canceled, but it makes the news […]

Marvel’s Spider-Man Game – Inside Look Trailer

With the new Spider-Man movie being well received and people clamoring for new superhero games, it is the perfect time for the new Spider-Man game to drop. Doesn’t hurt that Insomniac Games (Ratchet and Clank, Sunset Overdrive, Spyro) are at the helm of it all, either. Fans are praying this is the best Spider-Man game […]

GTA V vs. No Man’s Sky: Can Someone Please Explain This To Me?

I mean, I know the Rockstar/Take Two debacle had some influence on how people viewed the company, but when No Man’s Sky is rating higher than GTA V on Steam you know something is wrong with the world. Via

Horizon Zero Evil of the Nioh Wild: Top 15 Best Games of 2017 So Far

2017 has been a banner year for gaming. We are only halfway through the year and I can already tell you that this ¬†year has been one of the best for console gaming in a very long time. But with so many amazing games out there, which ones are the very best of 2017, so […]

10 Things Non-Gamers Get Wrong About Gamers

We gamers are an easy lot to judge, yet no one seems to judge us accurately. We are sometimes mocked in pop culture as geeks, yet video games are making more than Hollywood movies now, so clearly it is not just “geeks” who game. Everyone from little girls to single dads game, with every demographic […]

Assassin’s Creed Origins: Someone Needs To Talk to Ubisoft…

Because this crap is just not okay. You can check most of them right here. Via