Top 25 PlayStation 4 Games (as of) Spring 2017

2017 has been a banner year for the PS4. Almost every game that has dropped since January has been pretty badass. From the massive environments and scalable beasts of Horizon Zero Dawn to the crazy, open world of Final Fantasy XV, here are the best PS4 games out there as of Spring 2017! Did your […]

8 Games With Most Intelligent NPC’s You’ll Think are Real People

Nothing sucks you out of an immersive game experience quite like bad A.I, especially in NPCs. Think Sheva in Resident Evil 5 for a great example. You are trying run from a boss, and she is standing next to it, running in place at a wall, making her an easy kill. Even just keeping her […]

Top 7 Best Looking Indie Game Trailers – May 2017

Over the last decade, indie games have really found their stride. Whereas once they seemed small and thrown together, those times have changed. Now there are games like Limbo, Journey, Bastion, Flow, Gone Home, and more that have thought outside the box and changed just what indie gaming means to people. For that reason, I […]

7 Times Death Wasn’t So Bad, Actually

“Death is not the end.” A line used from the J.O Barr classic graphic novel turned cult movie, The Crow. What that saying means is death is not always where the story (or in this case, game) ends. Sometimes death is just a necessary step towards progress (at least in the fiction world). Here are […]

Buy, Rent, or Skip: Prey Review in Progress

So most people who are really into gaming right now knows Prey is the game on everyone’s mind. A sort of reboot of an older game series that dropped when the Xbox 360 and PS3 came out, the Prey reboot seems to be getting a lot of hype, but how is the actual game? Worth […]

Let it Roll: Five Ways to Let Loose and Have Fun Playing Tabletop RPGs

One of the most common questions I get asked about having a weekly D&D group is how to start it in the first place. Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to that. But what some people fail to see, I think, is that even when you have a group it doesn’t mean instant success. Once you’ve […]

15 Video Game Boss Fight Tropes That Aren’t Disappearing Anytime Soon

You would think by the 8th generation of gaming we would be past the “hit the glowing spot for maximum damage” hand-holding of boss fights, alas, here we are and gaming is still holding our hands. From glowing spots to quick time event (QTE,) here are 15 boss fights tropes that aren’t going away anytime […]

Cleaning Up in ‘Prey’   He totally meant to do that. Via

Best Mega Man Cosplay EVER!

Sometimes you see cosplay and just know, game over man, game over. This Imgur user falls in that category by bringing the Blue Bomber to life in a way very few have (and making him look BADASS in the process). Wow, well played, literally.

Top 5 Worst Designed ‘Street Fighter’ Characters

Yeah, we wont lie. As many good fighters as there are in the amazing Street Fighter series, there have been some real throw aways as well. This is a list about them. No, not the good ones. The hilarious and weird throw away characters that few of us ever actually play as. [ZoominGames]

200% Immersion: This Kid Has Some Talent

I know adults that cannot multitask but this kid can manage to drive a car and play a shooting game at the SAME TIME! Wow kid, I cannot help but feel like you are gonna grow up and either run the world or take it over by force. Either way, I wouldn’t speak ill of […]

5 Big Improvements Xbox Scorpio Brings To The Table

So there seems to be a big buzz about just how powerful the new Xbox Scorpio console is (hands down most powerful console to date), and what that will mean for Microsoft, who have been struggling with the Xbox One since its release. But what Scorpio is doing right now is filling us with more […]