Bashir Sultani: Geeky, Salty, Art

In the past, we’ve shown you some geeky artwork that uses a variety of unusual mediums.  But you’ve never seen anything quite like what artist Bashir Sultani can do with little more than a flat surface, a couple of tools, and a salt shaker.

Darth Vader?  Check.

Optimus Prime?  Yup!

And check out this very detailed portrait of Link!

For more geeky, salty artwork – like Gears of War, Assassin’s Creed, Mario, and even Chuck Norris – head over to Sultani’s YouTube Channel.

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  1. I went through and watched some others, and I absolutely love that when he drew the joker card which The Joker was holding, the artist actually uses a joker card as his tool. That is committing to the concept.

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