Nintendo Switch ‘Arms’ Review

After many hours with Breath of the Wild, a lot of gamers are having a slow comedown from their Switch. They love it, but what to play next as the Switch’s game library hasn’t been the strongest. So is the new ARMS fighting game going to fill that void for Switch fans or is it […]

The Switch Brings Back the Charm of Old-School Game Boxes (and Manuals)

I miss game manuals. Honestly, I do. One of the worst things that has happened to gaming since the 90’s is the in-game tutorial. As great as it may be to learn a game by playing it, now games just come with empty boxes, no instructions or art or anything cool but a box and […]

Pure Nintendo Genius: What If We Just Mix the Two?

What happens when you get two great tastes that taste great together? Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Oh, and apparently Breath of the Wild. Hey, you cannot argue the logic on display here. Nintendo know what they are doing, that’s for sure. via

The Secret Thank You Easter Egg Hidden in Nintendo Switch Controllers

Apparently if you tilt your pro switch controller just right (literally) there is a hidden message to the most keen of gamers. Discovered by fans who have been geeking out hardcore to their new Nintendo Switch consoles, if you lift the right stick just so, it says: thnx2 allgamefans! It can be hard to see […]

Awesome Dad Goes To Great Lengths to Find Son Final Switch Console

That joy you see above is real. That father literally drove around the entirety of his city after he worked, early in the morning, exhaustingly attempting to find and buy his son the last local Nintendo Switch console. As seen above, he succeeded. HUZZAH TO ALL! Having grown up with a dad who would not […]

WTF: Did Nintendo Just Put the Poke in Pokemon?

Yes, yes they did. Nintendo did just go there. For those blissfully unaware, this is NOT a joke about the size of his tail….this is Nintendo getting all R-rated for a second. Poke a man, indeed. You do the math. Yup, that Primeape is saying exactly what you think he is saying. Poor Pikachu walked […]

Kirby Development Team Draw Kirby: Hilarity Ensues

Judging by the quality of this photo it is obviously old, but I have never seen so I will assume some of you haven’t either. This really only leaves me with one question: Dear guy on the bottom right, how did you get this job? Editor’s note: Who said programmers needed to be accomplished artists? […]

Stuff Like This Is Why Nintendo Has Diehard FanBoys

You cannot help but be impressed by this. I had my last phone in storage for a week and it died. But six plus years (am I wrong or is six plus years seven years? Just seems like basic deductive logic) and Nintendo DS (3DS, 3DS lite, 3DSx, 3DxYz or whichever model this is) turns […]

PS4 PRO 4K – Pricing And Release Date Revealed!

Well, well. Not long after Microsoft announces the Xbox One S, Sony is unleashing  some competition on them again with the announcement of the PS4 PRO 4K, which is essentially an upgraded version of their already stellar PS4 console. This also acts as a sort of unofficial announcement of a price drop for the regular […]

Just What Is This Old Gameboy Ad Trying to Say?

Even as someone who has been a gamer geek his whole life, nope. This would not happen, for many reasons. Main one being when a geek lands a girl who really likes him, last thing he (or she, or whatever) wants to do is something THIS extreme and scaring them off. Though the image is funny, […]

Is The Nintendo NX MORE POWERFUL Than The Xbox One?

So with the Nintendo NX rumored to be getting ready to make its debut (or at last full announcement soon) what should we come to expect from this new console from the O.G’s of gaming, Nintendo? While some rumors are flying that it is incredibly powerful, there are still even more mysteries surrounding this new system […]

10 games inspired by Pokémon

Pokemon has had a huge impact on the world, whether people want to admit that or not. Something about capturing and battling wild creatures just appeals to kids for some reason. And to look at the influence Pokemon has had on pop culture one needs to look no further than the many games that clearly […]