The Cycloid Drawing Machine: A Fascinating Spirograph Creator


Since childhood, most geeks have been attracted to the Spirograph. Simple enough in execution, but exquisite in detail, they are science, math, art, and geometric magic, all merged in one. Joe Freedman of Leaf may have taken that appreciation of the Spirograph even further with his remarkable Cycloid Drawing Machine. So what is a Cycloid […]

Check Out This Amazing “Predator at Dentist” Piece


The artists name is Simon Lee, and as you can clearly see here, he has a penchant for pop culture and sci fi, and in this case, with a comedic twist. His work is astounding and every geek should check it out over here. [H/T SuperPunch, image Twitter]

Magical Mash-Up: ‘Adventure Time’ Meets ‘Doom’


I wish I could tell you the genius who created this, but found it here (Editor’s note: Original source is here!) Regardless, these are two things that I would pay good money to see mashed up. Playing as Finn and Jake through Doom would be insane! Granted, it will never happen, but don’t step on […]

‘Legend of Zelda’ as a Studio Ghibli Movie [Pics]


There are just no words for how amazing Matt Vince’s mashups between “The Legend of Zelda” and “Studio Ghibli” movies really are. I would pay all the rupees in the world to see this happen. Wow. Just wow. [Source: Matt Vince]

Rick and Morty Meet Fallout 4


Some awesome Imgur user made this, and it makes my soul smile in about a thousand ways. Question is, can we create their likeness in the character creator? Now THAT would be badass. Also, +1000 points for Mr Meeseeks. That is what pushes this from good fan art into stellar.

Bioart: Someone Added a “Big Daddy” To A Thrift Store Painting


All I learned today from the internets is that when you add a Big Daddy from Bioshock to a thrift store painting, the end result is absolutely fantastic. Check out the whole process here. (Via Imgur)

Amazing Sculptures Made From Discarded Wood


Artist Thomas Dambo finds old pieces of woord that aren’t being used and reclaims them to make the amazing sculptures you are about to see. How he makes them is even more impressive than the end result. Thomas and his team have made many different sculptures from recycled materials/trash. They have specialized in making wooden […]

Go Check Out This Gallery Of Stunning Jon Snow Fan Art

I will not say anything about Jon Snow from Game of Thrones right now in case some of you still haven’t watched your DVR’s finale from this season. But let’s just say, sifting through this fan art over at ComicsAlliance put a small tear drop in one eye. Ah, the feels. But to see all […]

Maybe The Coolest Piece of “Venom” Art Yet


The artist’s name is  Stéphane Perger, and the work is absolutely astounding. Saw this piece on SuperPunch and felt obligated to share it because of how it captures the ferocity of the relationship between Spider-Man and his alien symbiotic suit (which would go on to become Venom, a Spidey villain fan favorite, as I am […]

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Concept Art (From 15 Years Ago)


CGI dinosaurs are fun and all, but I think we all already know what the best Summer movie was, and summer just began. When you sit down to watch Fury Road and you realize it is 15 years worth of vision and planning, it makes it even more of a spectacle. Recently, some concept art […]

7 Times Epic Box Art Overpromised Wildly


The one piece of advice my Dad gave me has proven to be incredibly priceless the older and poorer I get: never buy a game based on how badass or cool the box art is, Remy, because that is not often the best representation of the gameplay. I mean, it was very specific advice, but as […]

‘Adventure Time’ Meets ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ And it is Amazing


Adventure Time is one of my favorite animated shows of all time. Aimed squarely at adults and children, it is a fun and twisted show that anyone can enjoy. Mad Max: Fury Road is easily one of the best action movies ever made. All I can say to artist Ryan May is thank you for […]