10 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Futurama

Futurama was an amazing TV show well ahead of its time (literally, by thousands of years). Littered with in-jokes, satire of our own modern world, and an examination about just where we might be heading as a society, calling the show anything but brilliant is selling it short. And any true fan of Futurama will […]


Top 5 times Batman killed people

The one thing many people love about Batman is that no matter how dark his life is, he doesn’t kill criminals. That’s one of his rules. The fine print is, it is a rule Batman breaks on the regular. Hell, play five minutes of the most recent Arkham game and it is clear to see […]

5 Things That Will Make ‘Just Cause 3’ AWESOME

Just Cause 3 is set to be one of the most action-packed and insane games to hit the next generation of consoles yet. From the endless mayhem you can cause, to the hundreds of missions, this is one game that will keep fans of sandbox gaming busy for months. So while you may already be […]

Best Video Game Stunts of This Decade

Sometimes, video games give you an opportunity to pull of a stunt that is just insane and something no human would be able to do in real life. Sometimes, games just give you an open world and let you discover those stunts on your own. That is what is great about gaming. One man’s ramp […]

6 New Powers In ‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’

The new Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has a lot of people drooling. One of the best “accomplish the mission the way you see fit” franchises ever made, the newest edition to this great series looks like it wants to blow away all prior versions (which will be quite difficult to do, seeing as to how […]

Two Siblings Play ‘Frozen’ Medley While Facing Away from Piano

You may think you have seen every Frozen cover or parody by now, but the truth is, these two siblings take it to new levels. I don’t even really have words for this. Man, I wish my sister and I could do something this cool. Yes, wordplay intended. [Image via, H/T to LaughingSquid]

What It Would Be Like If Presidents Acted Like Frank Underwood from ‘House of Cards’

House of Cards on Netflix is a pretty intense show, headed by a pretty intense guy. Frank Underwood played by the brilliant Kevin Spacey is a political figure unlike we have ever seen represented. And he loves to monologue at the camera. So what if other presidents were more like him? Well, as you can […]