10 kinds of comments we like (plus 1)

Michael Arrington posted today on Ten Comments You Think Are Cool And Insightful But Aren’t, in which he responds en masse to various complaints and trolling that TechCrunch experiences on a regular basis.

No doubt Arrington makes some good points — and certainly the web is inhabited by many trolls in various shapes, sizes, and political affiliations. But rather than giving them all the attention, I think we should “accentuate the positive” and talk about the comments that really are cool and insightful.  Besides, we get more of those kind anyway here at [GAS].

So, here are eleven categories of comments that we like to see on Geeks Are Sexy, linked to examples from you, our cool and insightful readers:

  1. Disagree with what we said, and tell us why.
  2. Provide more information.
  3. Ask pertinent questions.
  4. Heated discussion that stays on topic.
  5. Group participation.
  6. Make us laugh.
  7. Answer our questions.
  8. Take us up on our offer.
  9. That’s great!
  10. Thanks for posting this!”
  11. Geeks ARE sexy!

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