The Fairest of Them All?

by Casey Lynn
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Given our recent posts about the future of surface computing, especially how it can get you drunk, this seems particularly relevant:

The Interactive Mirror takes the idea of dielectric glass mirrors with LCD panels built in a step farther by adding a touchscreen component. Sure, it would be neat if in the bathroom of the future you could check stocks and weather by brushing your teeth, but don’t you want to be able to draw a mustache on yourself as well? The video shows a neat range of potential uses for the technology, like “trying on” clothes, leaving messages, playing space invaders, and well, just playing.

LitStudios notes that the touch-capable mirror is “patent pending.” This is the first time I’ve seen a demonstration of the technology, but I’m surprised that this is (presumably) the first time someone has figured out how to do it. It could be that they’re getting a specific design component as opposed to the idea of a touch mirror as a whole.

This makes me wonder if the next step would be an interactive mirror with AI built in, that really will tell you that you’re the fairest of them all… or more likely, so you can ask, “Do I look fat in this?” and get an honest answer.

[Via Gizmodo]