Would you like my dog to hump your computer?

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

If you’re one of the mad few who has started Christmas shopping early this year, then here’s a gift suggestion for the computer crazy geek in the family – a hound on heat that loves to hump computers!

Yes, so tacky even the Shopping Channel took a pass! For only $35 (EUR 20), you can have this very tasteful 8GB USB stick for Windows XP/Vista and MAC OSX.

But while you plug him in to do your computer work, he will get very frisky and will start to hump your hard drive (oooh-er Madam!).

For a practical demonstration, here’s a YouTube video.  (Make sure your children are safely out of the room before playing – we don’t want them to get any nightmares!).

You just have to love how the guy blurred out the USB socket!