53 Khaleesis Invade UK


53 newborn children in the United Kingdom were named Khaleesi last year according to the country’s Office for National Statistics.┬áThat was still far behind Arya, a name used for 244 newborns. Other Game of Thrones names included: Arya (244 babies) Theon (18) Tyrion (17) Daenerys (9) Sansa (6) Brienne (4) Bran (4) Sandor (4) Check […]

15 Dumbest Video Games Ever


While many people on this site are avid gamers, that also means we are aware that there have been some awful video games that have been released upon the population many times. Though mostly we choose to pretend like games that bad don’t exist (looking at you, E.T), in this case, here are 15 of […]