Good Guy Blizzard

Gaming has begun to go in a really disgusting direction with locked content on a physical disc and day one DLC being seen as okay. But let us not forget as we see this happening, there are still some really solid developers and development teams who they, themselves, have genuine passion for their product as […]

The Fallout 4 Conundrum

It is like existing within a paradox. Fallout 4 trumped most of the games that came out in the past year (so far), yet, it didn’t quite live up to the standards set by the last two installments (by changing the difficulty curve and conversation options, mostly). Just shows you, a game can be good […]

Beards of War [Pic]

One thing a lot of gamers seem to complain about is how certain characters in gaming never really seem to age. Well E3 put that rumor to rest this year. As you can see above, game characters do, indeed, age, and that aging is now represented in epic man-beards. I am sorry to the Imgur […]