You NEED To Play the New (and Highly Insane) Old Spice Video Game Right Now!


What can I even say about this?! We all know Old Spice has gone rather “comically insane” in their ads over the last few years, and this all seems to be reaching an apex with a batsh*t insane video game that only shows you how much MORE insane Old Spice is than you had already thought, which is really saying something considering they made this:

But the game is KINDA like that, but makes YOU a part of the insanity. I don’t even know how to sum up what I just saw. Here, check out this trailer and try not to have your brain melt.

Play it here and don’t say we didn’t warn you. Again, it is awesome, but it is like riding a unicorn through some madman’s brain. It is a gaming experience you will not soon forget. It plays YOU as much as you play IT.

*rides off shirtless on a fire breathing tiger