None-Up: In My World, Super Mario is a Wee Bit Darker….


I like geek stuff. I┬álike dark stuff. It’s never made sense to me why I am not allowed to like both at once. It is like the geek world and horror world are different, but they aren’t. They are both genres and mediums people use to escape the monotony of their own lives. As an artist, the merging of the pastel pleasantry of video games with the surreal ideals of Lovecraftian horror often yields pretty interesting results. The above Super Mario fan art I made is one such example. By adding a grotesque arm, a dead power up mushroom, and spraying it with some spray paint to make it look dilapidated, my None-Up box is done, and I wanted to share it.

What if, in Super Mario, some of those blocks should NEVER be hit? Perhaps something looms inside them that should never be summoned. The thing that should not be. Something so ancient and so evil, it even eviscerates the power up itself?

What happens when Mario hits that block?

May we never find out.

(All Credit To Me)

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