Moody, Tense, and Shocking: “Inside” Game Gets Under Your Skin

I said it last year. I said that INSIDE from Playdead studios (who brought us the staggering Limbo some years back) were here with their first follow up to that moody masterpiece, and I just had a feeling it would resonate with me the same way Limbo’s shadowy corners and spider tendrils did, and boy, was I right. To say too much about Inside is to, perhaps, give away some of the shocking twists and turn this monochromatic tale takes, so if you do plan on playing it, you may want to skip this and go in as blind as possible (as the reviewer states early on).

For those who find the call of their morbid curiosity too strong, watch this review, knowing the game Inside is everything I thought it would be, and even more. Where as Limbo was a surreal ride that slowly took us where we wanted to go, Inside jeers and twists and turns more, and for that exact reason, people who “get it” will be talking about this one for years to come.

Inside is the new indie must-play game, period.

[Inside | (Via IGN)]

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