The 9 Weirdest Implications Of The Many Worlds Interpretation


The many worlds theory is astounding, and if you are on the site, you probably already know what it is. Crash course for those who don’t, we are on an infinite web of timelines, where each one plays out differently due to simple variables like decisions and timing. While many people (like ME) like to believe this theory, scientists often find holes (pun intended, get it because the galaxy has black holes) in this theory. i09 is running a really interesting piece today about how some of the fine print included with the many worlds theory has some very strange implications. For example:

If the MWI is true, then there must be a near-infinite (or infinite!) number of versions of you, each of them experiencing the world as individuals separate from and oblivious to each other. Consequently, the sheer volume of alternate life-paths has to be staggeringly large. Since birth, you — or what you think is you — have been branching off into different worlds with each passing superposition. The complete set of “you” is like a massive root system that’s growing exponentially, with each root representing a new timeline.

For me, that only makes it more interesting, to be honest. A bunch of me’s, taking over the universe. Yes please!

[Image Via  i09, H/T to Gizmodo]

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