Up Close and Personal with One of Google’s Street View Cars

My pal Korben (who runs the most awesome French blog on the web, seriously) recently got his hands on a few close-up shots of a Google Street View vehicle, and when he sent me his link to the shots, I knew some of you guys would be interested in seeing them. Unfortunately, the 360° objective […]

Google Goggles turns translator

Those of us not lucky/smart enough to read foreign languages have, until now, been fairly poorly served by technical replacements to the trusty travel phrase book. There are, of course, plenty of standalone handheld devices which are simply electronic phrase books with keypads, some of them offering text-to-speech features. An existing Google phone app attempts […]

Google Chrome is Faster than Lightning [Video]

…or at least, that’s what Google wants us to believe with this new promo video. I have to admit thought that with their latest beta built, it is indeed the fastest browser out there. Enjoy the video.

YouTube Takes Down Video About YouTube Takedowns

Many of you probably would never have heard of the World War II film Downfall if it weren’t for the slew of hilarious parodies that popped up in the past couple of years. They all use the same clip: a scene in the film where Hilter goes on a furious tirade upon realizing that the […]

[GaS] Giveaway – Caption Contest #1: 2 x $50 in Prizes

Hey everyone! My friend Alex over at Neatorama has recently re-opened his site’s online shop, and to celebrate the occasion, he offered me two free $50 gift certificates to distribute among you guys. In case you’ve never heard of the site, Neatorama is one of the top 100 most visited blogs on the Intertubes, and […]

Interesting Facts on Twitter

[Via Twitpic]

Canada (and everyone else) to Google: You Suck

For anyone who’s not familiar with the huge privacy kerfuffle involving the launch of Google Buzz in February, here’s the basic timeline: Feb. 9: Google Buzz launches Five minutes later: Someone notices a major privacy flaw. Ten minutes later: The world promptly freaks out. Feb. 11: Google makes a small change that doesn’t go far […]

Facebook Relationship Etiquette Rules [Video]

Rule #1: Don’t change your relationship status without consulting the other person. Rule #2: Don’t post embarrassing photographs of other people. Rule #3: Be discreet when posting messages on another person’s wall. Rule #4: Don’t steal other people’s friends. Rule #5: Don’t start hate groups. Got any other rules to add to this list? Let […]

Facebook “likes” ad possibilities

Facebook is said to be looking at ways to turn its “like” button into a multi-million dollar bonanza. The feature, which is currently used simply for giving a thumbs up to user content such as status update, could be the key to breaking through in the contextual advertising market. The company wants to make it […]

Opera Debuts on iPhone

Opera has become the first rival browser to Safari to appear on the iPhone and iPod touch. The app was approved last night and is already available for download. It’s something of a surprise that Apple would give the thumbs up to Opera. While the iTunes App Store approval process has often seemed close to […]

Is the future of the Internet three-dimensional?

It could already be said the Internet is multi-dimensional given how hyperlinks replacing linear text made up the heart of the World Wide Web. But now an Intel representative is predicting a 3D internet within five years. The comments come from Sean Koehl, a man with the somewhat awesome job title of “technology evangelist” for […]

12-year-old Goes Into Farmville Credit Debt

Though online games like World of Warcraft have gotten plenty of bad press for being “addictive,” at least the financial ramifications are limited to $14.99 a month – well, unless you (a) lose your job because you play too much, or (b) break the game’s TOS and pay for your gold. So what about the […]