Only 16% of Americans Understand “The Cloud”

That’s right. A stunningly low proportion of only 16% Americans know what “the cloud” is, according to a national survey conducted by Wakefield Research, commissioned by Citrix. Other stunning statistics to come out of the survey are as follows: 29% of correspondents responded with a reference to an actual cloud, the sky or something related […]

At Least 14 million Americans Still Can’t Get Broadband

The official figure for the proportion of US homes without broadband access has dropped by more than a third in the space of a year. But the Federal Communications Commission notes the apparent drop may be partly due to improved data collection. The official figure for the number of Americans without adequate access is 19 […]

Facebook to (Finally) Start Deleting Your Photos

It seems Facebook has finally said they’ll be deleting photos within a “reasonable period of time”. If you didn’t realise, Facebook’s systems were keeping some photos on their content delivery networks (CDN) for as long as three years after you deleted them. So even though you ‘deleted’ those late-night not-so-sober photos from Facebook, they could […]