Star Trek: Renegades Web Series Trailer

From the makers of Star Trek: Of Gods and Men comes this attempt to revive the episodic nature of the Star Trek franchise. Star Trek: Renegades is a new web series that will supposedly take Star Trek in a new direction, “boldly going where no trek has gone before.” It’s going to be action-packed and edgy, full of espionage and suspense.

To me it sounds intriguing. There also seem to be a few Star Trek veteran actors involved in the project, and it’s going to be a “professionally produced television pilot.”

Take a look at the trailer below and tell us what you think.

[Via Comic Book Movie]

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  1. "Star Trek: Of Gods and Men" was a vehicle for someone with too much love for "Atlas Shrugged". I can't think of anything more antithetical to Gene Roddenberry's vision for Star Trek. This "Star Trek: Renegades" seems to be the same. The premise appears to be that Star Fleet (aka the government) is corrupt and can't help anyone, and that only the rugged individualists can save the universe. This is NOT Star Trek.

  2. Uuumm, no. Just no. Unless it's backed by Paramount and is official cannon I'm just not into it. And the uniforms just look terrible. True Starfleet uniforms are always impeccably tailored.

  3. I want Star Trek bad, real bad; something in the real universe (not that unfortunate timeline JJ Abrams decided we needed). But it needs to at least have a respectable budget and some craftsmanship. It is not enough to be Star Trek in name only.

  4. The original article makes note of a Kickstarter campaign that I can't find… anyone have any info?

    On a different note, Warf is apparently trying to get kickstarter funding for a documentary about Star Trek (or life thereafter), and Sulu is apparently gay. All news to me…

  5. Star Trek meets Firefly? Honestly, the amount of independent Star Trek out there is starting to get ridiculous. It's hard to imagine this thing finding any legs, but anything is possible. As for the comparison to Atlas Shrugged, whether or not it's in keeping with Roddenberry's original design is less important than whether or not something like this fits within the Star Trek narrative. I think there is room for the idea, but as I said, the market for independent Star Trek is starting to get a bit bloated. This would be better if CBS produced it as a web series and made serious effort to make it good. Then again, if a frog had wings…

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