The Most Popular Superheroes (And Villains) on Social Media [Infographic]


[Source: Mashable Infographic | Via Daily of the Day]


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    • And Rorschach!? What about our favorite duo?

      “Rorschach and Deadpool!
      A nut and a fool!
      He’s a mental case!
      Music’s not his thing!
      So I wrote the song!
      I’m so talented!
      Copyright Deadpool,
      Copy and I’ll sue!
      I think that the song should end right here!”

  1. Just shows that people on social media is mainstream. I bet 75% of people on Facebook don’t even know more superheroes or villains than this, or even all of these. On a Side-note, I would not put Catwoman as a Villain. She is a crook in a suit with moral standards. Chaotic Neutral personality, but not a villain.

    • YES! THIS! Jean Gray’s body is occasionally inhabited by Dark Phoenix, which I don’t think the creator of this comprehends.
      Jean Gray is a hero!

  2. Infographic is all kinds of Meh. Like others have already mentioned, Jean Grey isn’t really a villain, Catwoman is in more of a grey area, and no shit the most popular characters would be the ones who have recently appeared in big-budget franchise films.

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