The Most Popular Superheroes (And Villains) on Social Media [Infographic]


[Source: Mashable Infographic | Via Daily of the Day]


12 Responses to The Most Popular Superheroes (And Villains) on Social Media [Infographic]

    • And Rorschach!? What about our favorite duo?

      “Rorschach and Deadpool!
      A nut and a fool!
      He’s a mental case!
      Music’s not his thing!
      So I wrote the song!
      I’m so talented!
      Copyright Deadpool,
      Copy and I’ll sue!
      I think that the song should end right here!”

  1. Just shows that people on social media is mainstream. I bet 75% of people on Facebook don’t even know more superheroes or villains than this, or even all of these. On a Side-note, I would not put Catwoman as a Villain. She is a crook in a suit with moral standards. Chaotic Neutral personality, but not a villain.

    • YES! THIS! Jean Gray’s body is occasionally inhabited by Dark Phoenix, which I don’t think the creator of this comprehends.
      Jean Gray is a hero!

  2. Rob and Kris, you give me hope. Clearly, even the person who made this graphic doesn’t know what’s up.

  3. Infographic is all kinds of Meh. Like others have already mentioned, Jean Grey isn’t really a villain, Catwoman is in more of a grey area, and no shit the most popular characters would be the ones who have recently appeared in big-budget franchise films.