Twitch To Users: Behave Yourself Across The Net

Twitch says it may suspend users for hateful or harassing behavior on other sites and services. It’s also introducing a dress code for users who stream video of themselves.

It’s part of a toughening up of the site’s community guidelines that will now involve an “immediate indefinite suspension” for conduct Twitch deems to be hateful.

It also says actions elsewhere will affect a user’s Twitch status in two ways. Firstly, if somebody uses another service to “direct hate of harassment towards someone on Twitch”, it will now be treated as a Twitch policy violation.

Secondly, so long as Twitch can verify it’s the same person, then any “hateful or harassing conduct” that takes place elsewhere will now be taken into account when making decisions about Twitch behavior that’s not so clear-cut.

Another change is that Twitch will now put more attention on “context and intent” when moderating rather than just going by the literal words.

There’ll also be more emphasis on context when deciding if a user’s behavior is “sexual in nature” against the site’s rules. Twitch warns that the clothing people wear, in both streams and on profiles, “should be appropriate for a public street, mall or restaurant.” (Presumably not Bourbon Street.) However, it warns that users shouldn’t harass streamers that they think are breaching the dress code.


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