Chart Shows You How To Win on Jeopardy


  Nathan Yau over FlowingData looked at all the daily double placements over all 31 seasons of this historic game show and worked out an average to where the daily doubles usually fall on Jeopardy. We are not saying you use this chart and get on Jeopardy you could leave a millionaire. We are telling you […]

How Do Jeans Get Blue? [Science Video]


Do you ever find yourself wondering why your jeans are blue? Are they sad? Are they attempting to match someone’s eyes? Like all good things, there is science and chemistry behind the whole thing that will have you looking at your jeans in a whole different light. Keep in mind, they will still be blue, […]

Photomath: The App That Does Your Math For You


I look at the Photomath app, and I get very sad. Not that it will make future generations stupid or any such nonsense. No, I am mad that it didn’t exist while I struggled through algebra. That was essentially a semester I spent barely treading water, and knowing this would exist one day would’ve eased […]

For the Adventurous: Mix Your Coke with Milk Because Science


So there is a ‘thing’ going around the interwebz right now about mixing coke with milk and what happens as a result. I, myself, am not sure it is something I would ever want to do, but apparently it is the “Coke and Mentos” of 2015. It is a reaction of the Phosphoric Acid contained […]

Have You Seen The Boston Snow Tunnel for Cyclists?


What do you do when you are a cyclist in Boston right now and need to ride your bike, but the streets and sidewalks have about three feet of snow? Well, you build a snow tunnel, of course. These folks aren’t professional engineers. As far as anyone can tell, they simply saw a whopping pile of […]

The Exceptional Beauty of Doom 3’s Source Code


Doom 3 was not only great fun to play, but for the time, was an absolute marvel to look at. Truth is, the Xbox version still holds up visually to some of the better games from the last generation. This is coming solely from a video game player. But Kotaku had a developer come in […]

The Truth as to Whether or Not You Can Die From Sleep Deprivation


Many have wondered, many have spoken about it, but few know. Can sleep deprivation get so bad that it actually kills someone? All I can tell you before you read the article is, if you have sleep deprivation, stop reading now. This is NOT going to bring you any peace of mind (which might be […]

The Zen of Being A ‘Tetris’ Master


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Tetris master? I’m not talking getting a couple hundred lines. I an talking about being a zen master at the overall game of Tetris. For the first time, we have a glimpse into the life of a man who has spent his passion […]

Crafting a Basic Cosplay Armor with Worbla: A Brief Tutorial


A brief tutorial by Seattle-based Tattooer and Painter Electric Alivia on how to craft a basic cosplay armor using worbla, a fantastic thermoplastic modelling material. [Source: Electric Alivia on Deviantart | Electricalivia on Facebook]

Star Wars Paper Snowflake Patterns: The 2014 Edition


Graphic designer Anthony Herrera has rencently created this series of awesesome DIY Star Wars paper snowflake patterns for the holidays. Check ’em all out! For those interested, You can download the pattern for free right over here. [Anthony Herrera]

Creative Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes


I don’t know how many of our American readers expect to have any leftover food, but just in case, Buzzfeed has collected together five creative recipes and turned them into a video guide. Cheesy mashed potato pancakes and sweet potato tater tots may be a bit humdrum, but I’d certainly never have thought of whipped […]

Mac Tip: Press Alt-3 to Save $27


Mac users who want to create a hashtag and can’t find the hash key (also known in some places as the pound sign) now have two options to solve the problem. The first is to hope an ongoing Kickstarter campaign reaches its target, then pay £17 (US$27) to buy HashKey, a plug-in USB keyboard with only […]