Making a STAR WARS Table from Concrete & Epoxy Resin

This episode shows how to make a DIY Star Wars-inspired table from concrete, wood, epoxy resin, and LED strips.

I combined Death Star style lighting with GFRC concrete, woodworking, and epoxy resin that is backlit with LEDs to make this Star Wars inspired coffee table. My goal was to design a DIY concrete and epoxy coffee table that every Star Wars fan would recognize as being inspired by Star Wars, but that non-Star Wars fans would just see as a cool table design.

I used my X-Carve CNC to carve foam knockouts for the melamine concrete form, then poured GFRC concrete over the foam. I removed the foam and poured epoxy resin in the gaps, which will diffuse the LED strips. I then used some woodworking techniques to make the leg and lower half of the coffee table from maple lumber. I also 3d printed clips that hold the LED strips in place under the epoxy resin.

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Video for the Star Wars inspired table is live on YouTube!! LINK IN MY BIO. I combined concrete, epoxy, woodworking, and LEDs for this one, and the goal was making a table that every Star Wars fan would recognize, but that would also appeal to non-Star Wars fans as just being a cool design… Thanks to @wagnermeters , @rockler_woodworking , @inventables , @totalboat , and @fishstoneinc for supporting this project. It took almost 3 weeks to build, and I wouldn't have been able to do it without the support of these awesome brands. #concrete #concretetable #moderndesign #starwars #starwarsfan #starwarslife #epoxyresin #epoxyart #resinart #resin #ledlights #ledstrip #ledlighting #gfrc #concreteartisan #amazing #woah

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