Automated Nyan Papercraft Machine

Want to build your own automated Nyan papercraft machine? Then just follow the instructions located right here! [Via]

DIY Homemade Flying Captain America Shield has a great tutorial on how you too can make your own flying Captain America shield out of duct tape and cardboard. Check it out: [Homemade Flying Captain America Shield]

Google+ Cheat-Sheets [Infographics]

If you’ve peeked inside the door at Google+ but still don’t know where to sit or what to do with your hands, Simon Laustsen has laid out a couple of super-useful cheat sheets to get you started. >

3500-Piece LEGO Porsche [Video]

Fernando of Sheepo’s Garage built this Porsche 911 (997) Turbo Cabriolet PDK The car maintains all proportions of the real 911 and comprises a pretty impressive set of materials: 3500 parts and more than 6 meters of wires, 3 PF controllers, 3 IR PF Receivers, 2 RC motors, 1 PF XL motor, 5 PF M motors, 3 PF lights, 2 Lithium batteries, 1 PF […]

Superhero Garden Gnomes How-to

Instructable user The Papier Boy wrote a short guide on how you too can make your own superhero garden gnomes! Evil lurks in the shadows of our backyards. Rogue snails. Radioactive skunks. My yard has a maniacal possum that will stop at nothing until he controls the entire area behind the compost pile. That’s why […]

Matt Cutts Says: Try Something New for 30 Days [Video]

Is there something you’ve always meant to do, wanted to do, but just … haven’t? In the following video, head of Google’s Webspam team Matt Cutts says: Why don’t you try it for 30 days? [TED]

Paper Planes How To [Picture]


Geektastic Chip Footstool [Pic]

Our pals at Evil Mad Scientist Labs have built what has to be the geekiest footstool we’ve ever seen. The stool is modeled after a 555 timer chip and is 30 times the size of the actual chip. They even provide some basic instructions if you’re interested in building one for yourself. [Source: EMSL | […]

Yo Dawg, This is a Book Light [Video]

Yo dawg, this is a book light. I heard you like books, so here’s a book light made out of a book to light up the books you’re reading. [Tutorial on how to make your own book light | Via Neatorama]

Honeycomb Pendant Doubles Up as a Wrench

Not only will this Honeycomb pendant look fabulous on you, but it could also get you out of some tricky situations, thanks to the fact that it can double up as a wrench! This high-polished solid stainless steel pendant may have a hexagonal shape reminiscent of honeycomb or a complex molecular structure, but in the […]

How to Tie Your Shoes Correctly [Video]

So, you think you know how to tie your shoes? I’m pretty sure you all do, but most of you are probably doing it the wrong way… or at least, the least “effective” way. Check it out: [Via TDW]

Cool Mod: Laser Hacked Plasma Cutter from Dead Space 2

Super modder extraordinaire Kipkay took the toy version of a Dead Space 2 plasma cutter and turned it into something a little more dangerous. Check it out: CAUTION!! Lasers can be dangerous! Do not point them at any living thing! DO NOT look into the beam or the reflection of the beam. Do not shine […]