Geektastic Chip Footstool [Pic]

Our pals at Evil Mad Scientist Labs have built what has to be the geekiest footstool we’ve ever seen. The stool is modeled after a 555 timer chip and is 30 times the size of the actual chip. They even provide some basic instructions if you’re interested in building one for yourself. [Source: EMSL | […]

Yo Dawg, This is a Book Light [Video]

Yo dawg, this is a book light. I heard you like books, so here’s a book light made out of a book to light up the books you’re reading. [Tutorial on how to make your own book light | Via Neatorama]

Honeycomb Pendant Doubles Up as a Wrench

Not only will this Honeycomb pendant look fabulous on you, but it could also get you out of some tricky situations, thanks to the fact that it can double up as a wrench! This high-polished solid stainless steel pendant may have a hexagonal shape reminiscent of honeycomb or a complex molecular structure, but in the […]

How to Tie Your Shoes Correctly [Video]

So, you think you know how to tie your shoes? I’m pretty sure you all do, but most of you are probably doing it the wrong way… or at least, the least “effective” way. Check it out: [Via TDW]

Cool Mod: Laser Hacked Plasma Cutter from Dead Space 2

Super modder extraordinaire Kipkay took the toy version of a Dead Space 2 plasma cutter and turned it into something a little more dangerous. Check it out: CAUTION!! Lasers can be dangerous! Do not point them at any living thing! DO NOT look into the beam or the reflection of the beam. Do not shine […]

MacGuyvered JELL-O Detects Organ Failure

Do you have acute pancreatitis? Do you think you might but don’t have hours ¬†and hundreds of dollars to spend at the doctor waiting to find out? Well look under those couch cushions and roll some pennies, because you can build a sensor for under one dollar. Even better? It takes an hour or less […]

Want to Remember Something? Read It in a New Font.

We all use bold and italics for emphasis, and I’m not innocent of bumping up the font size when I need something to carry a message of importance. But recent studies show that while font size and weight won’t help you remember information, an unfamiliar or difficult-to-read font will. The Princeton University Department of Psychology […]

Erasing a CD with High Voltage [Video]

A fun but dangerous way to erase a CD. [Via TDWG]

Chrome’s Flash problems solved (again!)

Last month I wrote about a problem with Chrome 10 failing to display Flash content for some users. While I followed up with a workaround, there’s now something that may be a solution — for some at least! To recap, the original problem was that since the upgrade to the 10th edition, many users were […]

DIY Low Budget Magneto Helmet


WOW: 8x8x8 LED Cube Display [Video]

Check out this geektastic 8x8x8 3D LED cube by Instructables user chr: Want to make one for yourself? Then just follow this *ahem* simple DIY guide and you’ll be wowing your friends in no time with your own 3D LED cube!

How To Make A Real Rorschach Mask That Changes Shape

Using Thermochromic paint pigment and clear screen printing base, you can now make an ink blot mask that changes like Rorschach’s mask in Watchmen. As you breath in and out, the color of the mask changes from black to white wherever the wearer’s breath hits it and warms it to a point above 86 degrees […]