Applying For a Job? Be Prepared to Give Up Your Privacy

Facebook and your privacy is trending once again among news sites and the blogosphere. This time, Facebook is doing something right. They recently amended their Statement of Rights and Responsibility to reflect a current change among employers asking for potential hires and employees access to their personal Facebook accounts. According to Facebook’s chief privacy officer, […]

Ex-CIA boss: Stuxnet was good idea

There is absolutely no proof that the United States (or Israeli) government was responsible for the Stuxnet attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. But a former CIA and National Security Agency chief says such tactics are a good idea and will now be considered legitimate. The Stuxnet virus spread worldwide, but turned out to be specifically […]

Europe to Google: Hold your Horses

European privacy officials have demanded that Google put planned privacy policy changes on hold until they can check that the new rules comply with local laws. The demand comes from the Article 29 Working Party. That’s not a legal organization in itself, but rather a group made up of the data protection authorities in each […]