Android Gets Unwanted Compliment

You know your operating system has truly arrived when it becomes the target of hackers. We’ve already seen attempts to spread malware to Android devices via bogus apps (which is considerably easier given the open nature of distributing such apps.) We’ve also seen attempts to infect Android devices by tricking users into visiting specially crafted […]

Tool highlights “secure site” shortcomings

A non-profit group has unveiled a tool to check how secure sites using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol really are. But reports that it plans to name and shame “offenders” appear to be something of a stretch. The group is the Trustworthy Internet Movement which gives itself the catchy description of “a non-profit, vendor-neutral organization […]

Applying For a Job? Be Prepared to Give Up Your Privacy

Facebook and your privacy is trending once again among news sites and the blogosphere. This time, Facebook is doing something right. They recently amended their Statement of Rights and Responsibility to reflect a current change among employers asking for potential hires and employees access to their personal Facebook accounts. According to Facebook’s chief privacy officer, […]