Spammers not shy about punctuation sneakery

Punctuation can be a beautiful thing, and a wonderful tool in the battle to achieve clarity in communications. But now it appears it can be a tool for evil, as well. Security firm Symantec reports that spammers are now using a particular type of hyphen to make it easier to get URLs into messages and […]


Why You Should ALWAYS Shield The Numeric Keypad When Using an ATM

I’ve recently started being paranoid about shielding the numeric keypads of all ATMs I use. I guess it stands to reason since I got my debit card cloned 2 times in the past 6 months. Fortunately, banks usually reimburse the money stolen from your account because of a cloned card, but it doesn’t mean you […]

Google Releases Censorship Tracking Tools

The BBC is reporting that Google has released a “Transparency Report” which shows censorship levels around the globe, releasing details about how often countries around the world ask for identifying user data or to censor information. Currently, the United States leads the running in user information requests, with 4287 such requests, but Brazil leads in […]

Twitter hackers hit rollover jackpot

If you’re a Twitter user, it’s best to steer clear of the main site for the time being. A cross-site scripting error has led to everything from whimsical fun and games to full-on hacking attempts. The site itself hasn’t been hacked as such, but users both fair and foul have been exploiting a flaw that allows […]

New Norton Ad Campaign Features The Hoff and Dolph Lundgren

I haven’t used Norton security products for home use in years (Anyone here knows if they improved recently?), but even though if I’m not a big fan, I have to admit that the company’s last marketing campaign made me crack a smile. This week, following the same formula as their previous ads, Symantec released 2 […]

Has the takedown of Craigslist Adult Services hurt abused women?

We’ve already covered Craigslist shutting down the Adult Services section of their website after controversy that a murder victim met her alleged murderer through the section. Now, Danah Boyd, writing for the Huffington Post, suggests that if the goal is to protect women, shutting down Craigslist Adult Services is counterproductive. “Rather than helping those who […]

Censorship victims get a Flickr of hope

Where do you go to get uncensored news stories? Google News? Wikileaks? Well, how about Flickr? Yes, that’s right, the photosharing site could soon be the place to go to read news stories without the detection of hostile governments. A system known as Collage, which will become publicly available on Friday, allows users to hide […]

Simple iPhone jailbreak doomed by security fears

As we had speculated, Apple is about to release a fix for a flaw in the mobile edition of Safari. The bug had been exploited by enthusiasts to allow a simple, no-computer-needed form of jailbreaking, but had the potential to be used for more sinister purposes. Although the jailbreaking technique was packaged to resemble an […]