iCloud Helps Woman Recover a Stolen iPhone

Technology is a wonderful thing, but when that technology fails on you, it can be very frustrating. Sometimes, however, technology does exactly what it is supposed to and you find a fringe benefit you weren’t expecting. This was the case when Katy McCaffrey’s iPhone was stolen on a Disney Cruise. It turns out her unwitting […]


How to Instantly Wipe Your Hard Drive’s Data Forever [Video]

Need to wipe all data from your hard drive(s) really, really quickly? Then look no further than the Data Killer, a beast that can delete all data from magnetic media in less time that it takes you to blink your eyes. [DigInfo TV]

Cracking The Credit Card Code [Infographic]

This handy infographic will tell you all about what the numbers on your credit card actually mean and how you can manually validate a credit card number with your mind. [Source: MintLife]

Android Gets Unwanted Compliment

You know your operating system has truly arrived when it becomes the target of hackers. We’ve already seen attempts to spread malware to Android devices via bogus apps (which is considerably easier given the open nature of distributing such apps.) We’ve also seen attempts to infect Android devices by tricking users into visiting specially crafted […]

New Legislation Bans Employers from Asking for Facebook Access

Recently in the news we heard that certain Employers were asking potential applicants to reveal their Facebook accounts as part of the screening process. Online privacy is a big deal to a lot of people and despite Facebook sharing your statistics, there is an argument to be made that potential employers do not have the […]

Tool highlights “secure site” shortcomings

A non-profit group has unveiled a tool to check how secure sites using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol really are. But reports that it plans to name and shame “offenders” appear to be something of a stretch. The group is the Trustworthy Internet Movement which gives itself the catchy description of “a non-profit, vendor-neutral organization […]

Pastebin rival will be total free-for-all

Hacktivist group Anonymous has launched its own service for uploading leaked material. The move comes after the head of the more commonly-used PasteBin stepped up to stop users posting stolen or otherwise confidential material. Pastebin is a generic term for a site used to share text that is too long for other forms of communication […]

Malware creates half a million dirty Macs

If you somehow still believed that Apple computers are immune to malware, it’s time to get real. A security researcher is reporting that more than half a million Macs have been infected with a Trojan known as Backdoor.Flashback. According to Doctor Web, a Russian seller of anti-virus software, the Trojan works along lines that are […]