Google Warning Comes Two Clicks From Danger

Google has stepped up its warning system for dubious websites: Chrome will now flag up sites that contain potentially harmful downloads, even if the site itself does no damage. Until now Google’s warnings had only taken effect in two situations: when a Chrome user clicked on a link to a page believed to contain malware […]

Android Battery Could Disclose Location

Researchers at Stanford say they can track an Android user’s location simply by gathering battery use data for a few minutes. While it’s of limited effect, they argue this could undermine the user permissions system on Android. The researchers explored the idea that the cellular radio in a phone makes up a significant proportion of […]

“Smartphone Killswitches Work” Officials Insist

Officials in three major cities say phone thefts have dropped dramatically since the introduction of “kill switches” to remotely disable a lost or stolen handset. The figures comes from New York Attorney General Eric T Schneiderman (pictured), San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon and London Mayor Boris Johnson. They make up the leadership of the […]

Alan Turing’s Code-breaking Sheets Found Stuffed In Wall

Secret documents from the work by Alan Turing’s team of codebreakers have been found stuffed into the walls and roof of a hut at Bletchley Park. It appears that after completing a day’s work, the team didn’t securely destroy the papers as was protocol, but instead used them to boost insulation in the far-from-luxurious facility. […]

Obvious Passwords Are Obvious, Shock Study Shows

Once again a list of the most used passwords has revealed some obvious choices. And once again, that tells us nothing about the state of security. As happens every year, SplashData (which by amazing coincidence is a password manager service provider) has published a list of the most common passwords, based on databases that have […]

Graphene: The Magical Bulletproof Material That Made Iron Man Give Up Iron

Did you guys know that Marvel’s favorite metal man just changed up his metal? It’s true, Iron Man is no longer wearing iron, which makes his name a bit off-putting. Recently the “billionaire philanthropist playboy” shifted from his normal suit to a suit made out of graphene. So what is graphene, you ask? WIRED has […]

Fight Unsecured Wi-Fi Networks with this Glowing DIY Hobbit Sting Sword [Pic + Video]

Youtuber Spark IO has taken a toy Sting sword and combined it with a Spark Core to transform it into a tool that glows when there are unsecured wi-fi networks nearby. To celebrate the launch of the new Hobbit flick, we made a version of Sting that turns blue near unsecured Wi-Fi networks. And when […]

Google To Drop Text-Based CAPTCHA

Google is to start replacing its CAPTCHA tests with a simple request for users to confirm they are not a robot. The company believes the new system will be easier for humans and harder for computers. Until now Google, and numerous sites that use its CAPTCHA service, have asked web users to type two words […]