Card payment verification has “major” security loophole

The card payment industry has rejected claims by British researchers that a system used for validating in-person payments has a major security flaw. Computer scientists at Cambridge University have been investigating the “chip and pin” system. That’s a branding name used in the country for EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa), a technology used increasingly around […]

Anti-Virus Kitteh

This thing is destined to go viral, it’s inevitable! It currently sits with 17,000 views on Youtube, but if you check back in 48 hours, I’m pretty sure it’ll have over a hundred thousand. Oh, and while being on the subject of cats, we’ve got one more cat video for all you cat-loving geeks out […]

Robot Guilt?

The robot courses across the battlefield, swiveling on sleek steel legs, turning its bullet-shaped head toward its prey. Its eyes flash red, then blue: signal received. Before the ensuing sound boom and the inevitable end of hundreds of lives, it pauses a moment to reflect. Death is never easy, even with a heart of circuits. […]