College students: The MPAA still hates you

Last year, the MPAA released a study claiming that 44% of all illegal movie downloads via P2P networks could be directly linked to college students with high-speed network access. Using that report, the MPAA then coerced many college campuses into installing a P2P-monitoring toolkit on their networks. This program reports back to the MPAA directly, […]

Content Filters Should Be Used for Security

By PatB Contributing Writer, [GAS] Most workplaces use a proxy server or a content filter between the end user and the Internet. Such filters usually enforce a company’s web surfing policies by blocking access to pornography, social networking sites, daytrading sites, online dating, etc. As a grown adult, I don’t much care for web filtering […]

Windows Vista Ultimate Extras: Extra useless?

By Fred Roth, Contributing Writer, [GAS]  As of this month, the first round of Windows Vista Ultimate Extras have been sent out to customers “lucky” enough to have purchased the highest caliber of Microsoft’s newest operating system. These supplemental downloads are available through Windows Update and are described as “Cutting Edge Programs, Innovative Services and […]

Welcome to [GAS] 2.0!

Hello Everyone! We’d like to welcome you all to the new and (we hope) improved [GAS]. This little project of ours has taken a long time to realize, but after a few long months of procrastination, we finally arrived at our destination. As you can see, [GAS] 2.0 is definitely a big step up from […]