Must Watch: Open-Source Cancer Research and the JQ1 Molecule [SCIENCE!]

Now if only everyone would be as open as this guy when it comes to medical research, I guess the world we live in would be very different… How does cancer know it’s cancer? At Jay Bradner’s lab, they found a molecule that might hold the answer, JQ1 — and instead of patenting JQ1, they […]

Facebook adds real-time link scanning

Facebook has partnered with a web security company to automatically scan all outgoing links that appear on the site. It’s an attempt to combat spam links that understandably flourish on Facebook. The tool being used is the impressively sounding Websense ThreatSeeker Cloud powered by the Advanced Classification Engine. (There’s a TRITON in there somewhere as […]

Cryptography’s Human Problem [Video]

“The primary weakness in any modern security mechanism tends to be the modern consumers utilizing it.” If you’ve got security issues, there’s a nonzero chance it’s your fault. Or, if you’re especially vigilant, the fault of another person in the chain of people who control account security. In this new video from our friends at […]

Those magnificent men with their hacking machines

Ah, that age-old problem: you’re wandering around with your laptop trying to steal Wi-Fi, hack into wireless networks, or just hit some sucker with a DOS attack, but then you find your potential victim lives in a huge mansion with grounds so big you can’t get within range of his router. If you’re just messing […]

Ur car cd b stolen by txt

A security consultant has shown it’s possible to steal some cars simply by sending a specially crafted series of text messages. Don Bailey of iSEC Partners was speaking at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas. It’s an annual event designed to inform security professionals about the latest threats, and has become known for […]

Hacker convention adds junior event

Kids are being invited to Las Vegas to learn hacking skills. Nope, this isn’t another story from the creative mind of Stephen Glass, but a genuine event. The annual DEF CON hacker convention will for the first time feature a special children’s event this weekend at the Rio hotel, known as DefCon Kids. The event […]

Google Cracks Down on Pseudonyms, Kills One Reason It Was Better than Facebook

You may have heard that Google+ started culling accounts – businesses first, which didn’t seem like such an awful thing since they’re promising special support for business accounts in the future.  But now the crackdown has extended to pseudonyms as well – that’s right, now you have to use your real name on both Plus […]

Laptop Encryption: Can You Plead the Fifth?

A Colorado court case could set a precedent on whether the right to remain silent extends to encrypted files. The Justice Department wants a federal judge to rule that defendant Ramon Fricosu must decrypt a laptop that prosecutors believe has evidence showing her guilt in an alleged mortgage scam. Fricosu’s lawyers say doing so could […]