Network Analysis: The Future is Now, and it’s FREE

Anyone in the cyber field that has been involved in a network investigation to determine the source and scope of a compromise knows that the process is time intensive.  Traditionally, such investigations require logfiles from various sources:  routers, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and maybe packet captures from a sniffer if you have one.  Reconstructing the […]

Sexy Green Geek: Part 2 – Reuse

Welcome to part two of becoming a sexy green geek! Last time, we focused on reducing consumption. This time, the topic is reusing what you already have. Reusing should always come before recycling. Since commercially recycled e-waste often isn’t actually recycled at all, it makes sense to try and find a second life for old […]

Spam: Better as Casserole than Money-Maker?

by Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] A new study out of UC Berkeley and UCSD took a close look at the economic viability of junk email. For one month, seven computer scientists infiltrated a large-scale spam network and did some mass mailing of their own. They ran two fake spam campaigns–one that mimicked the way […]

66% of used hard drives still hold sensitive data

By Mark O’Neill Contributing Writer, [GAS] Security researchers have found in tests that if you buy a second-hand hard drive on eBay, you will probably end up getting a lot more than just the hard drive. In their tests, the researchers found that 66% of the second hand hard drives still contained sensitive data which […]

Internet Black Boxes to Record All Online Activity

Now this is downright scary. Apparently, the British government has plans to establish an Internet “Black Box” system where every British computer user connected to the Internet would get his email and browsing activity sent to a giant, centralized database. The vision was outlined at a meeting between officials from the Home Office and Internet […]

Google Adwords Phishing Scams

By PatB Contributing Writer, [GAS] I got a very interesting piece of spam in my inbox this morning, and it took me a few moments to realize it was a phishing attack designed to make me disclose my Google Adwords password. Here is a screenshot of it. Hovering over the link, you can see that […]

Researchers sniff computer passwords from 65 feet away

By Mark O’Neill Contributing Writer, [GAS] Swiss researchers have discovered 4 ways to find out the passwords of computer users remotely through their wired keyboards.  They claim that at least 11 models of keyboard are vulnerable to at least one of the 4 attacks that they carried out. They also claim that online banking and […]

A passport will be needed to buy a British mobile phone

By Mark O’Neill Contributing Writer, [GAS] Government plans are currently being drawn up which will see customers having to produce their passport if they want to buy a pre-paid mobile phone in Great Britain.   The details on that passport would then be registered on a new database set up to tackle crime and terrorism. Currently, […]

RealDVD and a Brief History of Infringement

by Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] The more I read about the RealDVD lawsuit (which I blogged last week), the more I feel like I’m listening to a broken record. Haven’t we heard this all before? Most recently, Wired pointed out how RealDVD is like a bong shop. After all, RealDVD clearly has a notice […]

Skype May No Longer Be Secure

By PatB Contributing Writer, [GAS] MSN, Yahoo IM and AIM all use clear text in the chat discussions, which means anyone along the path of communication can read what it is you are typing,  including your boss if you use chat at work.  Many people, including myself, use Skype as an IM chat client because […]

A brain scan decides a woman is guilty of murder

By Mark O’Neill Contributing Writer, [GAS] I’m not sure whether to be fascinated about this or totally horrified. An Indian court has convicted a woman of murdering her fiancé.    Prosecutors managed to get a conviction on the basis of a brain scan which allegedly showed areas of the brain “lighting up”. This apparently proved that […]

CERN scientists spammed with death threats over LHC activation

As the LHC’s activation date approaches (only two days left now, folks!), scientists working on the super-collider have started receiving large amounts of pleas, some which include death threats, asking to stop the potential apocalypse-bringing machine. According to an article published on the Telegraph, CERN, the organization behind the project, has been bombarded with calls, […]