Office Germs: Just How Dirty is YOUR Office? [Infographic]


Glad I’m not working in an Office anymore, even though my house probably isn’t that much cleaner with three kids attending daycare and school daily. Researchers swabbed about 5,000 surfaces in office buildings, including law firms, insurance companies, healthcare offices, call centers and factories. The swabs were analyzed with a device that measures adenosine triphosphate […]

How Many Calories Can You Burn In 30 Minutes? [Video]


Research for the calorie-burn counts came from MyFitnessPal. These are all approximate, based on a male weighing 190 pounds. Workout-calorie counts change from person to person. And here’s what the daily allowance of calories for most people (2000) looks like: [BuzzFeedVideo]

Changing a Light Bulb the Electrical Engineer Way [Video]


Mehdi Sadaghdar, aka the crazy electrical engineer, is back, and this time, he shows us the do’s and don’ts of changing a lightbulb. There are many things that can go wrong when you change a light bulb, worst of them being sticking your finger in the light fixture to pick something up while it is […]

The Science of… CATS! [Video]


Yep geeks, this is a science video featuring what people on the Internet love the most: CATS! [ASAPScience]

10 Inventors Killed By Their Own Inventions [Video]


A video listing 10 inventors who were killed by their own creations. Can you name a few other ones? Let us know in the comments section below! [Alltime10s]

How and Why Astronauts Exercise in Space [Video]


To maintain their bone and muscle mass, astronauts need to work out two hours every day. CSA Astronaut and ISS Commander Chris Hadfield shares his workout routine with us, from cardio on the T2 treadmill, to muscle and bone mass maintenance on the ARED (Advanced Resistive Exercise Device). [canadianspaceagency | Via LS]

Minute Physics: The True Science of Parallel Universes [Video]


A new video from MinutePhysics exploring the science behind the concept of parallel universes. [Minute Physics]

How to Brush your Teeth in Space [Video]


Canadian astronaut and Commander of Expedition 35 demonstrates how astronauts brush their teeth in space. You might be surprised by what he reveals! [Canadian Space Agency | Via IHC]

Dark matter findings are something and nothing


Scientists trying to unlock the mysteries of antimatter say they’ve spotted extremely preliminary signs that one theory about the make up of space may be correct. The findings come in an article in Physical Review Letters and detail the first results from the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS), a device housed on the International Space Station. […]

How Tall Can Mountains Be? [Science!]


What is the maximum height for a mountain on Earth!? And why? [MinuteEarth]

Can You Survive Quicksand?


A little more dramatic than that video I posted a while ago of Bill Nye explaining how quicksand works. Is it possible to survive being stuck in quicksand? Jonny Phillips risks life and limb to experience firsthand what it is like to slowly sink into quicksand—just a few feet away from an incoming tide. [NationalGeographic]

True Facts About The Naked Mole Rat and The Star Nosed Mole (Ft. Ze Frank) [Video]


Two new video from the “True Facts” series by Ze Frank. Enjoy! [Ze Frank | EarthUnpluggedTV]