Why is Glass Transparent? [Science Video]

If you look through your glasses, binoculars or a window, you see the world on the other side. How is it that something so solid can be so invisible? Mark Miodownik melts the scientific secret behind amorphous solids. [TED Ed | Via LS]

A Fascinating Look at Ferrofluids [Video]

A super interesting video that takes a look at how ferrofluids work. Check it out! [Buzzfeed]

Monkey feel, monkey do in paralysis research

Researchers have used brain scans of one monkey to control the movement of another monkey. It’s a first step in a complex road towards helping paralysed people regain some movement control. The research from Harvard Medical School (carried out at Massachusetts General Hospital) is detailed in a paper titled “A cortical–spinal prosthesis for targeted limb […]

“Games & Gamers” Young Adult Book Series is Nonfiction Look at Gaming Industry

Lerner Publishing Group has released a 6-book nonfiction series about the video game industry entitled ShockZone™ Games & Gamers. The series, written by video game and comic book writer Arie Kaplan (The New Kid from Planet Glorf graphic novel, Paranormal State and Law & Order: Legacies games), is fun, yet fact-filled, and discusses many aspects of […]

What Stephen Hawking Really Said About Black Holes [Science Video]

You’ve probably all read it, Stephen Hawking recently changed his mind about the nature of black holes, with many news outlets reporting that the astrophysicist said that black holes do not exist. But this isn’t true, and that’s not what he said at all. For those interested, you can check out Stephen Hawking’s paper on […]

How Modern Light Bulbs Work [Science Video]

The science behind modern light bulb technologies. [Minute Physics]

Does Stretching/Warming Up Actually Help? [Science Video]

Does stretching actually help your perform better in sports? And does it help alleviate muscle soreness after intense physical activities? Watch this video to find out! [ASAPScience]

The Science of Chocolate [Science Video]

While you unwrap that luscious truffle, let Hank explain the science of chocolate — where it comes from, what its active ingredient is, and how it works. Also learn the difference between chocolate, cocoa, cacao and coca, so you really know what you’re talking about the next time you pass the candy disk. [SciShow]

The Science of Kissing [Science Video]

When you really think about it, kissing is an odd human behavior. You know, all the rubbing of our faces all over each other. So there must be a good reason why we do it, right? From motherly comforts to testing the genetic compatibility of your “mate” . . . the science of kissing is […]

Tatooine Started Life Far, Far Away, Just Like Kepler-34(AB)b

Luke Skywalker bemoaned his lack of travel before the events of A New Hope. But researchers analyzing data from the Kepler space telescope say his home planet Tatooine would have been on an epic journey of its own before Skywalker’s birth. That’s because Tatooine is a circumbinary planet, meaning it orbits a double-star system. Such […]

Why Do We Get Nervous? [Science Video]

What causes those butterflies in your stomach? And can athletes teach us how to deal with these nerves? [ASAPScience]

Where Did Earth’s Water Come From? [Science Video]

Earth didn’t have water when it first formed, so where does all that water come from? [MinuteEarth]