FESTO Creates Bionic Kangaroo [Video]

With the BionicKangaroo, Festo has technologically reproduced the unique way the kangaroo moves. Like its natural role model, it can recover the energy exerted when jumping, store it and retrieve it efficiently on the next jump. [FestoHQ]

Neil Armstrong On Being A Nerd

Neil Armstron – 1930-2012 An Engineering Manifesto by the first man on the moon. “Science is about what is. Engineering is about what CAN be.” From “The Engineering Century”, delivered at the National Press Club on February 22, 2000. Audio used with kind permission from the NPC and C-SPAN. [Piled Higher and Deeper (PHD Comics)]

How to Become Happier Through the Power of Science [Infographic]

A interesting infographic by Happify, an online service that “trains” you on how to become more happy through the power of SCIENCE! I just tried the free version, and I quite liked it! It definitely helped improve my mood this morning. Check it out! [Source: Happify]

Dropping a Neodymium Magnet Inside a Copper Tube [Video]

Magnets are magic, just like friendship! [HedgehogTH]

Brain Falsifies Vision To Avoid Hallucinatory Effect

Two neuroscience experts say there’s a simple reason we often miss continuity bloopers in TV and movies: our brains automatically correct minor inconsistencies in what we see over time. Jason Fisher of MIT and David Whitney of the University of California, Berkeley discuss the topic in the latest edition of Nature Neuroscience. The pair were […]

Liquid Changes from Boiling to Freezing State in a Matter of Seconds [Science Video]

I can’t explain in great detail what is happening here, but it seems that the people performing the experiment are dropping the pressure inside the glass, causing the boiling and freezing points to come closer together. This phenomenon is called the “Triple Point.” In thermodynamics, the triple point of a substance is the temperature and […]

Here Are a Bunch of Chemistry Jokes [Video]

Here are a bunch of chemistry jokes by our friends over at the Reactions Youtube Channel. Reminds me a little bit of our piece featuring 10 Chemical Compounds with Immature Jokes for Names. [Reactions]

Lies That Sci-Fi Movies Have Taught Us About Space [Video]

In space, nobody can hear you scream. Yeah, right! [Buzzfeed]

Google Flu Trends May Be Victim Of Google Itself

Researchers at Harvard and Northeastern say Google’s Flu Trends service, which tries to predict flu outbreaks based on search activity, has become less reliable over time. They say the effects of even small changes such as those to Google’s own autosuggest tool may have been allowed to mount up and call it a lesson for […]

MEDICAL MARVEL: 3D-Printed Skull Saves Woman’s Life [Pic + Video]

Doctors in the Netherlands at University Medical Center Utrecht say they have successfully implanted a 3D-printed skull into a young woman. The 23-hour surgery occurred three months ago, according to NBC News, but details are just being released, as the woman, 22, is recovering extremely well. While her name has not been released, she apparently […]

DNA Cocktail: How to Visually Strip DNA from your Saliva [Video]

Materials scientist and engineer Mark Miodownik shows how using some washing up liquid, pineapple juice and a dash of super strong vodka you can physically separate out the DNA molecules from your saliva. Thanks Leo! [BBCWorldwide]

Yeast The Subject Of Latest DNA Breakthrough

Scientists at New York University have successfully synthesized a chromosome of yeast. It may not sound much, but it’s arguable the most complex DNA synthesis to date and the closest step towards doing so with animals. It’s now four years since the J Craig Venter Institute created a synthetic cell of bacteria, something it described […]