There’s No Such Thing as Vegetables [Science Video]

Scientifically speaking there is no such thing as vegetables. So what does that make cucumbers, pumpkins, lettuce, and broccoli? Find out in this episode of SCI CODE! [Coma Niddy]

Core or Not? What is Inside Jupiter [Video]

In this episode of the groundbreaking web-series Why With Nye, legendary educator Bill Nye will explore Jupiter’s mysterious core. Watch as Nye shows you how NASA’s Juno spacecraft will use a combination of cutting edge technology and the good old Doppler effect to take a peek deep inside Jupiter. [THNKR | Via DVice]

The Science of Superheroes: Why Thor Makes more Sense Than Superman Scientifically [Video]

Kind of makes sense when you think about it… plus, if it comes from Stan Lee and Marvel , it must be true! ;) Speaking or Mr. Lee, that man is already 90 years old! Can you believe it? If I get to that age, I wish I’ll still look as good and as sane […]

Celebrating Crystallography – An Animated Adventure of One of Mankind’s Greatest Scientific Innovations

I just received this fun animation from the folks over at the London, UK-based Royal Institution, explaining how X-ray Crystallography works and some of the history behind it. We are currently involved in a project to promote X-ray Crystallography (as it has been 100 years since the discovery of the technique). As part of this, […]

Marvel Mentorship Seeks the Next Jane Foster!

Marvel Comics continues to be the leader in Female Empowerment. Their “Thor: The Dark World Ultimate Mentor Adventure” is for GIRLS ONLY and “aims to empower girls 14 years and up, in grades 9 – 12 nationwide, to embark on a journey to discover their potential and future in the world of STEM: Science, Technology, […]

Can We Survive the Sun’s Ultimate Death? [Science Video]

Does humanity stand a chance against our sun’s ultimate fate? And can NASA’s Mission Juno save us? AsapSCIENCE teams up with NASA to explore the void and the future of our planet. [ASAPScience]

Space Crew May Brew Beer for Sixth-Grader

Staff on the International Space Station hope to raise a toast to a sixth grader in December. That’s because they’ll be carrying out an experiment proposed by Michal Bodzianowski, who won a national science contest for children. He’s among 11 pupils who’ll have the chance to have their experiments carried out in space through a […]

Nuclear Fusion One Step Closer

US researchers have reached a key milestone in their work to turn nuclear fusion into a viable energy source. For the first time they’ve produced more energy than was put in to the fusion. Existing nuclear power plants work through nuclear fission, which breaks down atomic nuclei into smaller pieces, releasing energy. The most common […]

The Ultimate Death of the Universe (Ft. Professor Brian Cox) [Science Video]

With the theory of Black Dwarf Stars, Professor Brian Cox considers the death of the universe, a time so far in the future it defies comprehension. Brian discovers that time is not characterised by repetition but by irreversible change. From the relentless march of desert sands to the erosion of a beached freighter, the ravaging […]

Why Does My Body Do That?!

Answers to why you get the chills, pruney fingers, pins and needles, brain freeze, and that falling sensation when you’re about to fall asleep. [Buzzfeed]

The physics of sperm vs. the physics of sperm whales [Science Video]

Traveling is extremely arduous for microscopic sperm — think of a human trying to swim in a pool made of…other humans. We can compare the journey of a sperm to that of a sperm whale by calculating the Reynolds number, a prediction of how fluid will behave, often fluctuating due to size of the swimmer. […]