Exploding Geyser In Subzero Temperatures [Video]

First, there was me throwing a pot of hot water outside, then, this guy did it with a water gun, and finally, on a much larger scale, here’s a geyser shooting hot water high in the air in subzero temperatures. [Headsonfire | Via IHC]

How Coffee Affects Your Brain [Science Video]

IMPORTANT NOTE: It would be hard – maybe impossible – to overdose on coffee (in liquid form.) You’d likely vomit before a toxic level was reached. But the equivalent caffeine from pills has been fatal. Caffeine pills cause most caffeine-related ER deaths because of what they do to your heart. [Piled Higher and Deeper (PHD […]

A Scientific Look at the Death of the Universe [Video]

The shape, contents and future of the universe are all intricately related. We know that it’s mostly flat; we know that it’s made up of baryonic matter (like stars and planets), but mostly dark matter and dark energy; and we know that it’s expanding constantly, so that all stars will eventually burn out into a […]

The Loathsome, Lethal Mosquito [Science Video]

Everyone hates mosquitos. Besides the annoying buzzing and biting, mosquito-borne diseases like malaria kill over a million people each year (plus horses, dogs and cats). And over the past 100 million years, they’ve gotten good at their job — sucking up to three times their weight in blood, totally undetected. So shouldn’t we just get […]

Does Being Cold Make You Sick? [Science Video]

Winter is coming! And perhaps the most debated topic between parents and kids is their winter attire – but what does science really say? Are you okay without a jacket? The answer might surprise you. [ASAP Science]

Scientists Levitate Small Objects Using Sound Waves [Video]

The essence of levitation technology is the countervailing of gravity. It is known that an ultrasound standing wave is capable of suspending small particles at its sound pressure nodes and, so far, this method has been used to levitate lightweight particles, small creatures, and water droplets. [Source | Via Io9]

True Facts About The Armadillo [Video]

Warning: Brief footage and description of the Armadillo intimate parts. Ze Frank once again dazzles us with his profound knowledge of some of Earth’s most bizarre creatures. [Ze Frank]

Sci Fi Science Myths Explained [Video]

SCI FI movies are awesome, but they are full of scientific inaccuracy. In this episode of SCI CODE we boldly investigate Outer-Space Myths. [Coma Niddy]

Birds that Hibernate in Lakes?! [Science Video]

From Minute Earth: Herein we explain that birds do not hibernate in lakes, do not migrate to the moon, but DO go on very unique journeys, which we humans have learned about in a variety of ingenious manners. [Minute Earth]

The History and Future of Everything: Time [Video]

The most interesting and informative video you’ll watch today! How much time do you have left? Time makes sense in small pieces. But when you look at huge stretches of time, it’s almost impossible to wrap your head around things. So we teamed up with the awesome blog “Wait but Why” and made this video […]

The Incredible Physics of Ants

Sure, fire ants are a nuisance to many, but at the same time, they’re fascinating from a scientific point of view. Check out this awesome video from The New York Times taking a look at the incredible physics of ants. [The New York Times | Via TA]

Why The Full Moon is Better in Winter [Science Video]

Winter is unquestionably the best season to watch the moon, but why is that? Watch this interesting video from Minute Physics to find out! [Minute Physics]