The Higgs Boson Watch [Pic]

The Higgs boson may have no spin, electric charge, or color change, but the Higgs boson watch has a nice imitation leather band and a spinning second hand that spirals around. The image shows what is believed to be evidence of the Higgs decaying into other bosons during a collision. Available at and at […]

Can Humans Really Feel Temperature? [Science Video]


Can human beings really feel the temperature of the objects they touch? Check it out in the video above, the answer might surprise you. [Minute Physics | Via TA]

OH NOES! The Earth’s Atmosphere is Slowly Leaking Into Outer Space [Video]


… but no need to worry for now, it’ll take a few billion years before we lose our atmosphere this way! [Minute Earth]

Could We Record Our Dreams? [Science Video]


Have you ever wished you could record your dreams and watch them later? It may be possible sooner than you think… [ASAPScience]

Divided We Grow [Animated Gif]


As Alex on Neatorama says: Biology is the only science where multiplication and division mean the same thing. [Source: Nature Gifs | Via Neatorama]

10 Unanswered Science Questions – Explained by the greatest minds on YouTube [Video]


From the existence of alien life to the mysteries of the human brain, these are the questions that have stumped the greatest minds on Earth. These are 10 Unanswered Science Questions. [alltime10s]

The Human Mating Call Explained [Science Video]


Are good dancers more likely to ‘get some’? In this video from ASAPScience, find out how dancing is the human equivalent of a mating call, and what type of dancing is most attractive: Perhaps our dance clubs aren’t so different from the local watering hole! [ASAPScience]

36 Unusual Units of Measurement [Video]


A new episode of This is Mental Floss by our pals over at Mental Floss. A weekly show hosted by John Green, where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week, John looks at unusual units of measurement such as a the jiffy, hogshead and micromort. [MentalFlossVideo]

Amazing Animal Defenses [Video]


Check out this interesting video by Kimber Streams (Vsauce2) listing a series of amazing animal defense mechanisms. I especially like how the Mimic Octopus can take the shape of other animals based on their likelihood of survival in various situations. [VSauce 2 | Via LS]

Why Do We Feel Nostalgia?


Thanks to Vsauce, here’s everything you need to know about the concept of “nostalgia.” [Source: Vsauce | Via LS]

What Exactly Is One Second?


James May discusses what exactly a seconds is. He also delves into how time as we know it could have been totally different. This is because the second had many ‘rivals’ over the years that never got their way. [Head Squeeze]

LOL: How Microorganisms Move [Video]


Check out my pal Michael Wilson as he imitates the way various microbes move around. I particularly like his flagellate impersonation. [Coma Niddy]