Turn Songs into 3D-Printed Sculptures You Can ‘Listen To’ with Reify

The benefits of 3D printing are almost too impressive and massive for us to even properly address yet. The possibilities with this tech is limitless, and the directions it is going show great promise. But here is an angle you probably have never heard before, literally. Remember how the Winamp player would make cool visualizations […]


Stephen Hawking Sings Monty Python’s “Galaxy Song” [VIDEO]

I’d wager that any Monty Python worth his/her salt can tell you where the “Galaxy Song” is from. (HINT: It’s from the 1988 movie “The Meaning of Life.”) The song later appeared on the 1989 album “Monty Python Sings.” It also happens to be the title track to “Monty Python: The Meaning of Live,” a […]

What if Quicksilver Ran Past You? [Science Video]

VSauce, along with some Muppets, takes a look at what would happen to you if Quicksilver ever decided to run right past you. [VSauce 3]

The Ingenious Design of the Aluminum Beverage Can [Science Video]

Bill Hammack (The Engineer Guy) details the engineering choices underlying the design of a beverage can He explains why it is cylindrical, outlines the manufacturing steps needed to created the can, notes why the can narrows near it lid, show close ups of the double-seam that hold the lid on, and details the complex operation […]

Science STYLE: A Taylor Swift Acapella Parody [Video]

Science never goes out of STYLE, and the guys from ASAP Science prove it with this scientific a capella cover song. [ASAPScience]

The Brilliant Inventions of Dominic Wilcox

Dominic Wilcox is a man quite unlike any other. A genius who thinks so far outside the box he can no longer tell you the shape of on. Wilcox invents things that cause people to look at him, and question their own version of reality for a minute. Some people are born with brains that […]

The Science of Awkwardness [Video]

Check out this interesting episode of VSauce taking a look at the science of awkwardness and why some people are more prone to it than others. [VSauce]

How ‘Doctor Who’ Helped Scientists Figure Out Why We Fear Spiders

Most of us fear spiders. Why? Well I can only speak for myself, but they are somewhat creepy and I have fought enough of them as end bosses in video games to know they are up to no good. But scientists have recently been using Doctor Who to help them figure out WHY we fear […]