I KNEW IT: The ‘Stuff’ in Oreos May Be as Addictive as Cocaine

Anyone who loves Oreos knows how addictive they can be. But now, they might actually be addicting. According to a study from Connecticut College, “Oreos are as addictive as cocaine, at least for lab rats,” TIME reports. The study showed that “eating the iconic black and white cookies activated more neurons in the rat brain’s “pleasure center” […]

Brain May Enter Self-Cleaning Mode During Sleep

Exactly why we sleep is still something of a mystery, but a newly-published study suggests one possibility: to physically clean our brains. The idea comes following a study of mice that found brain cells shrinking during sleep, allowing around 60 percent more space in between them compared with waking hours. That allowed for a roughly […]

Pros and Cons of Coffee Consumption [Pic]

Some pros and cons about the consumption of my favorite morning drink. Be sure to click the picture to view it in full size! Infographic by Jason Tham from The Biz Navigator. [Source: The Biz Navigator]

Bacon Labeled a Fertility Killer

Eating bacon could lower male fertility according to the headline reports of a Harvard University study. But there may not be enough clear-cut evidence nor medical logic to persuade meat lovers to change their ways. The study, reported in the UK newspaper The Telegraph, is the work of Dr Myriam Afeiche of the Harvard School […]

10 Mind-Blowing Man-Made Materials [Video]

Nature gives us some pretty amazing things, but sometimes we do one better. [AllTime10s]

The Science of Stage Fright (and how to overcome it) [Video]

Heart racing, palms sweating, labored breathing? No, you’re not having a heart attack — it’s stage fright! If speaking in public makes you feel like you’re fighting for your life, you’re not alone. But the better you understand your body’s reaction, the more likely you are to overcome it. Mikael Cho advises how to trick […]

10 Incredible Facts About The Moon [Video]

With plans to have man set foot on the Moon again in 2019 we thought you’d enjoy 10 incredible facts about the moon. [AllTime10s]

There’s No Such Thing as Vegetables [Science Video]

Scientifically speaking there is no such thing as vegetables. So what does that make cucumbers, pumpkins, lettuce, and broccoli? Find out in this episode of SCI CODE! [Coma Niddy]

Core or Not? What is Inside Jupiter [Video]

In this episode of the groundbreaking web-series Why With Nye, legendary educator Bill Nye will explore Jupiter’s mysterious core. Watch as Nye shows you how NASA’s Juno spacecraft will use a combination of cutting edge technology and the good old Doppler effect to take a peek deep inside Jupiter. [THNKR | Via DVice]

The Science of Superheroes: Why Thor Makes more Sense Than Superman Scientifically [Video]

Kind of makes sense when you think about it… plus, if it comes from Stan Lee and Marvel , it must be true! ;) Speaking or Mr. Lee, that man is already 90 years old! Can you believe it? If I get to that age, I wish I’ll still look as good and as sane […]

Celebrating Crystallography – An Animated Adventure of One of Mankind’s Greatest Scientific Innovations

I just received this fun animation from the folks over at the London, UK-based Royal Institution, explaining how X-ray Crystallography works and some of the history behind it. We are currently involved in a project to promote X-ray Crystallography (as it has been 100 years since the discovery of the technique). As part of this, […]