Why Does Mario Run To The Right?

A psychologist believes side-scroller characters like Mario move from left to right because people have a bias towards depicting movement in that direction. Why exactly that should be is not so clear. Dr Peter Walker of Lancaster University in the United Kingdom explored the topic in an article for the journal Perception titled: “Depicting visual […]

Magnetic Silly Putty Blob Engulfs Metal Objects [Video]

Youtuber Ian Parks has created a fascinating series of time lapse videos showing a magnetic silly putty blog engulfing various metal objects. From Ian Park: Yay for science. I saw a video for this stuff online here, looked on amazon, and they actually had it. So I had to have some of my own to […]

Just in Time for St. Paddy’s Day: The Chemistry of Craft Beers [Video]

From the American Chemical Society: It’s been around for centuries but it seems like beer has never been more popular. Microbreweries are cranking out special stouts, IPAs, lagers and pilsners. And the flavors and aromas of each of those brews all come down to chemistry. This week, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Reactions takes […]

The Irrationally Long Number Pi Song (“Sweet Number Pi”) [Parody]

A parody of Warrant’s “Sweet Cherry Pie” by the folks over at College Humor. Pi day might already be over, but this is still pretty funny. In honor of Pi Day, we try and name ALL the digits of Pi. Can we do it? [CollegeHumor]

A Ball of Red Hot Nickel Can’t Even Obliterate a Blob of Nickelodeon Gak [Video]

Well, it looks like Nickelodeon Gak is nearly indestructible! I don’t really know what the stuff is made of, but it’s probably the perfect material to block flowing lava from going over your town! Warning: Don’t do this at home, or in fact, anywhere. [carsandwater]

9 Historical Mysteries Solved by Astronomy

Throughout history there have been strange moments that have happened that have been ensconced in mystery since they were first spoken of in hushed stories passed down from generation to generation. Did the first marathon runner really drop dead? Could Mary Shelley’s griping origin story for Frankenstein actually be true? While we may scoff at […]

Why Don’t Humans Have a Mating Season Like Other Animals? [Science Video]

Have you ever wondered why human beings do not have a mating season like most animals? If you want to learn why, be sure to listen to this episode of “Big Questions” to learn about what might possibly cause this. [Mental Floss]

How Astronomers Measure the Size of the Universe [Science Video]

The universe is HUGE. But, there is only so much of the universe we can ACTUALLY see, and if we wanted to measure that FINITE space, how would we do it? A gigantic ruler? One really long car ride? Or maybe it’s something even more spectacular, something that involves not only the observable universe as […]