If Molecules Were People [Science Video]

When molecules collide, chemical reactions can occur — causing major structural changes akin to getting a new arm on your face! George Zaidan and Charles Morton playfully imagine chemical systems as busy city streets, and the colliding molecules within them as your average, limb-swapping joes. [TEDEducation]

The Universe Expands, But Do We Expand With It? [Science Video]

If the universe keeps on expanding, why don’t we expand with it, and why do galaxies and solar systems stay together? Watch this video to find out! [Minute Physics]

10 Sci-Fi Predictions That Became Science Fact [Video]

Presenting 10 pieces of science fiction literature that turned out to be true. [AllTime10s]

Mice given false memories in brain study

Scientists have made mice scared of a location where nothing bad ever happened to them. It may sound like an evil plan, but it could unlock secrets about how memories are formed and altered. The project was the work of a team including Dr Xu Liu or the Center for Neural Circuit Genetics based at […]

Remote-Controlled Car Runs on Water! [Video]

The i-H2GO is a remote-controlled car developed by Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies and Corgi International that runs on water…and a smartphone app. It works because SCIENCE: “You pour water into the refueling station and it is electrolyzed (split into hydrogen and oxygen) by power from a solar panel. The high energy hydrogen is directed into […]

I’m so going to eat you in… [Comic]

Om nom nom nom. Once you’re done snickering at the comic, be sure to check out this interesting Timeline of the far future on Wikipedia, especially the part about the future of the Earth, the Solar System and the Universe. [Via It’s ok to be smart | Nuut.co]

What is The Hottest Place on Earth? [Science Video]

The absolute hottest place on Earth? Nope, it’s not Furnace Creek (Death Valley). Watch the video to find out what is the hottest place on earth! [Minute Earth]

Why We Think More Clearly After Exercise [Video]

How does exercise benefit our thinking? When our blood flow and blood pressure increase in a healthy way like from exercising, it gives us more oxygen in our blood and more energy. Have you ever felt like you could think more clearly after exercising? [Geobeats | Via UD]

The Science Behind the Foul-Smelling Corpse Flower [Video]

What’s eight feet tall, has a creepy nickname and can be smelled from miles away? It’s the rare titan arum plant, aka the corpse flower or Amorphophallus titanum, which just bloomed in the United States Botanic Gardens in Washington, DC. The plant has an unpredictable blooming cycle that lasts years, and the corpse-like odor it […]

True Facts About The Owl [Video]

Another awesome episode of “True Facts” by Ze Frank, this time featuring the owl! [Ze Frank]

Earth as Seen from Beneath the Rings of Saturn [Pic]

A fantastic picture of the pale blue dot (Earth) as seen from beneath the rings of Saturn. From Cassini project scientist Linda Spilker: We can’t see individual continents or people in this portrait of Earth, but this pale blue dot is a succinct summary of who we were on July 19. Cassini’s picture reminds us […]