New Study Show that Invisibility Illusion Reduces Social Stress

Swedish researchers have pulled off an “invisibility cloak” with a twist: it’s the person wearing the cloak who thinks they are invisible. It’s all part of a study looking at ways of treating anxiety. The invisibility study stems from work on phantom limb syndrome in which amputees still perceive pain and other feelings from the […]


A Scientific Guide to the Fantastical Predators in ‘Game of Thrones’

We marvel at the dragons in Game of Thrones, but do you ever wonder about the science or biology that would be behind these magnificent beasts? Maddie Stone over at Gizmodo put together a very interesting piece focusing on the actual science of other animals compared to the mighty dragons in Game of Thrones, and […]

When Black Holes Meet

A Hawaii telescope has produced data that suggests astronomers may soon see two black holes pair and even merge, the first time such a process has been observed. Researchers believe the two black holes have synchronised and are producing a quasar that cycles from bright to dark and back again. The data comes from a telescope […]

A Close Up View To How Scientists See Atoms

Have you ever wondered who scientists have the ability to view individual atoms? Well you are about to get an awesome science lesson via the YouTube show Reactions, and maybe get a little insight yourself into the process. (H/T to LaughingSquid)

Why Doesn’t IRON MAN’s Suit Kill Him? [Science Video]

¨ It doesn’t kill him because SCIENCE! And Future Science! hy doesn’t Tony Stark’s insides turn into goo as he accelerates in his suit? Kyle dives into the inertia of Iron Man on Because Science. [Nerdist]

Robot’s Encounter With Sperm Whale Will Leave You Speechless

What can you even say about this underwater encounter between a robot submarine and a massive sperm whale 1,962 feet below the surface waters off the coast of Louisiana? It is majestic, like watching a dinosaur from the past interact with a robot from the future. Surreal, and undeniably soothing. [Via Gizmodo]

“New Horizons” Probe Takes First Picture From Pluto

Pluto is a reddish color. Until now that was largely an assumption, but a new probe photo confirms that is indeed the case. The New Horizons probe has just taken its first photo of Pluto, as shown above. It’s a bit blurry, which is excusable as it was taken from 115 million kilometers away. Much better […]

Turn Songs into 3D-Printed Sculptures You Can ‘Listen To’ with Reify

The benefits of 3D printing are almost too impressive and massive for us to even properly address yet. The possibilities with this tech is limitless, and the directions it is going show great promise. But here is an angle you probably have never heard before, literally. Remember how the Winamp player would make cool visualizations […]