Batman Puts Some Sense Into Robin About Viruses and Antibiotics [Pic]

[Via I F* Love Science]

The Scientific Power of Thought [Video]


The power of the mind and its ability to affect physical change may shock you! Find out how simply imagining can make it so. [ASAPScience]

True Facts About The Seahorse [Video]


You’ve heard Ze Frank geeks, now go out there and find your seahorse lover. Related: Gross and Funny: True Facts About The Angler Fish [Ze Frank]

Extracting Iron from your Cereal [Video]


The next time you’re eating a big bowl of breakfast cereal, take a closer look at the ingredients. You’ll find that it contains more than just wheat and corn. Look closely and you might find iron in your cereal… you know, the metal… the stuff used to make nails. Here’s an experiment that proves you’re […]

Papercraft Higgs Boson [Pic]


Artists Zim & Zou recently made this papercraft version of the Higgs boson (based on a graph from CERN) to use as the cover illustration of an issue of Le Monde magazine. [Source: Zim and Zou | Via Neatorama]

Attack of the Quack: An Experiment with Pavlov’s Classical Conditioning [Video]


A psychology experiment by Youtuber LesStrapontins. [LesStrapontins | Via The Awesomer]

The Alphabet of Epidemiology: From Anthrax to Zoonoses


Warning: Video could be considered a little gross for a few among you. Now that you’ve watched this, go wash your hands. Please. [Via LS]

How Japanese Learn Multiplication [Pic + Video]


We all know that there’s a stereotype that people of Asian descent are better at maths. We also know it’s not necessarily true, but, of course, stereotypes are born from at least a seed of truth. Perhaps there is a reason that this seed exists: the Japanese, at least, have more awesome ways of figuring […]

How Bird Wings Work [Video]


I hope you never look at a bird in flight the same way again. I know I won’t! [Via Unique Daily]

Dear Gentlemen: We Were All Once a Female [Science!]


Dear Gentlemen, science has a confession: You were once…a female – which helps to explain where your nipples came from. Watch and learn. [ASAPScience]

Will Space Travel Cure us of Political Perspective?


Private research and funding has led to privatized spacecrafts becoming a thing – and possibly bringing the idea of commercial space travel just a teensy bit closer to reality. But what are the implications of actually sending people into space? Mike Rugnetta at the PBS Idea Channel seems to think that once space travel becomes […]

How Folding Paper Can Get You To The Moon [Video]


Can folding a piece of paper 45 times get you to the moon? By seeing what happens when folding just one piece of paper, we see the unbelievable potential of exponential growth. This lesson will leave you wanting to grab a piece of paper to see how many times you can fold it! [TEDEducation]