Why Do We Cry? [Science Video]


Ever wonder why your face leaks when you’re sad or emotional? Find out why in this great instructional video from ASAP Science. [ASAPScience]

How Astronauts Sleep in Space [Video]


It’s bedtime on the ISS. CSA Astronaut Chris Hadfield shows us how astronauts sleep in space. [canadianspaceagency]

The Euler’s Disk: A Cool Scientific Educational Toy/Gift Idea [Video]


The toy consists of a heavy, thick chrome plated steel disk, a slightly concave, mirrored base, and holographic magnetic stickers which can be placed on the disk. The disk, when spun on the mirror, exhibits a spinning/rolling motion (or spolling, a blend of “spin” and “roll”), slowly moving through different rates and types of motion […]

Hilarious and Gross: True Facts About The Sea Pig by Ze Frank [Video]


Warning: The sea pig can expel its lungs through its anus/mouth. Gross. A new episode of “True Facts” by Ze Frank. This one features the infamous Sea Pig, which only has one hole on its body. Gross. [Ze Frank]

The Beginning Of The Universe For Beginners [SCIENCE!]


How did the universe begin — and how is it expanding? CERN physicist Tom Whyntie shows how cosmologists and particle physicists explore these questions by replicating the heat, energy, and activity of the first few seconds of our universe, from right after the Big Bang. [TEDEducation]

Laws of Nature: The Science Rap [Video]


No matter who you are you obey the Laws of Nature! A new video by my pal Comma Niddy explaining some of the basics behind the laws of nature! [Comma Niddy]

What Happens When You Cry in Space? [Video]


Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield continued his series of fascinating videos detailing how much different ordinary life is in zero gravity with a new tutorial explaining what happens when you cry in space. [Via I Heart Chaos]

The Brain: A User’s Guide to Emotions [Infographic]


As neuroscience researchers work to unravel the inner workings of the brain, we know more than ever before about the mysteries of where emotions originate in the brain and the connections between instinct, intelligence and emotion. This work is yielding fascinating insights that we can use to understand how we react to situations and people. […]

Office Germs: Just How Dirty is YOUR Office? [Infographic]


Glad I’m not working in an Office anymore, even though my house probably isn’t that much cleaner with three kids attending daycare and school daily. Researchers swabbed about 5,000 surfaces in office buildings, including law firms, insurance companies, healthcare offices, call centers and factories. The swabs were analyzed with a device that measures adenosine triphosphate […]

How Many Calories Can You Burn In 30 Minutes? [Video]


Research for the calorie-burn counts came from MyFitnessPal. These are all approximate, based on a male weighing 190 pounds. Workout-calorie counts change from person to person. And here’s what the daily allowance of calories for most people (2000) looks like: [BuzzFeedVideo]

Changing a Light Bulb the Electrical Engineer Way [Video]


Mehdi Sadaghdar, aka the crazy electrical engineer, is back, and this time, he shows us the do’s and don’ts of changing a lightbulb. There are many things that can go wrong when you change a light bulb, worst of them being sticking your finger in the light fixture to pick something up while it is […]

The Science of… CATS! [Video]


Yep geeks, this is a science video featuring what people on the Internet love the most: CATS! [ASAPScience]