Fascinating TEDx Talk: Thinking BIG to Reach the Stars [Science Video]

Humanity is on a path that can take us to the stars — if we don’t stop dreaming big and taking chances. The laws of physics don’t say that interstellar travel is impossible; it is simply very difficult. In the past, this was viewed as a challenge. We’ve smashed atoms, covered continents with roads, explored […]

Aging Defined [Science Video]

Listen as Integrative Biologist Joao Pedro de Magalhaes explains all you need to know about the process of aging and what we can do extend our lifespan, improving the quality of our health, and at the same time, our quality of life, as we grow older. [PHD Comics]

New, Large, Predatory Dinosaur Found in Utah!

Paleontologists have recently discovered a new dinosaur in Utah and they say it rivaled the Tyrannosaurus rex and Acrocanthosaurus, according to Sci-News. The prehistoric giant is named Siats meekerorum. The genus name, Siats, refers to a cannibalistic monster from the mythology of the Ute Native American people. Its specific name acknowledges the Meeker family for their support […]

Air Force fights snakes from a plane

Two thousand drugged-up dead mice have been parachuted onto Guam near a US Air Force base. It’s not a bizarre training exercise, but rather an attempt to tackle an overpopulation of snakes. The brown Treesnake is a long-standing problem on Guam. It’s not a native species and the most common theory is that it snuck […]

Gravity (And the Solar System) Visualized With Spandex and Marbles [Science Video]

Wow. Just wow. I especially liked the part where the professor was able to have one marble orbit the other while the first was orbiting the weight located in the center of the sheet of spandex. [apbiolghs | Via]

China Launches Chang’e-3 Rocket [Video]

On Sunday, Dec. 1, China launched its Chang’e-3 lunar probe. If all goes as planned, it will not only be China’s first spacecraft to land on an extraterrestrial body, but it will be the first rover to land on the moon in nearly 4 decades. According to io9: The six-wheeled rover, called “Jade Rabbit” in English, […]

Will 3D Printing Change Everything? [Science Video]

The future is coming! Some are calling it the 3rd or “3D Industrial Revolution”. But how does 3D Printing work, and what can you expect? [ASAPScience]

Why is All Sand the Same? [Science Video]

Wherever you go, sand usually look all the same, but why is that, and how is sand actually made? Watch this video to find out! [MinuteEarth]

The Dark Side of the Moon explained in ten seconds

The dark side of the moon eplained in under 10 seconds by Minute Physics! [Minute Physics]

Cavities Come From Poop [Science Video]

That’s it, I’m totally grossed out now. There are billions of germs in your mouth. Their poop is hazardous to your teeth. It’s time to learn some dental hygiene in this episode of SCI CODE! [Coma Niddy]

Hilarious: Are Imperial Measurements Outdated? [Video]

That’s it, now I feel really bad for all of you people who are still stuck with using the Imperial measurement system. Is an inch really an inch or is it three barleycorns? So a 6 inch ruler is actually 18 barley corns! Now where is that bag of barley… [Head Squeeze]

Computer Pieces Together a Picture of the World

A computer program at a US university has looked at three million images in an attempt to learn more about the world. It’s not the facts themselves that are important, but rather what the project can teach us about the possibilities and limits of computer learning. The program is titled Never Ending Image Learner (NEIL), […]