Did You Know That Plants Can Also Get Cancer? (Science Video)

Have you ever noticed that certain trees get some big, twisted knots growing out of them? This is just one way that plants can show signs of cancer. Scishow explains. [SciShow]

The Danger of Running Into Friends [Video]

It’s just like someone is setting something up… [CollegeHumor]

Seven Million Years of Human Evolution: An Animated Timeline

Scientists use fossils to reconstruct the evolutionary history of hominins—the group that includes modern humans, our immediate ancestors, and other extinct relatives. Today, our closest living relatives are chimpanzees, but extinct hominins are even closer. Where and when did they live? What can we learn about their lives? Why did they go extinct? Scientists look […]

5 Scientists with Ideas That Nobody Believed … Who Were Right

People have struggled to understand some hypotheses scientists had, which are correct but were disclaimed back then. So here’s the 5 scientists and their ideas that nobody believed. [SciShow]

Can Screens Damage Your Eyes? [Science Video]

You might have heard that exposure to unnatural lights from digital devices can hurt your eyes. But is that true? Find more about it in the latest episode of SciShow! [SciShow]

Solar System Rings

Solar system necklaces aren’t that uncommon, but this is a new twist on planetary jewellery. Created by etsy seller jamincjewelry, it’s a stackable set of rings, meaning you can easily keep up with the latest arguments over definitions.

3 Weird, Real Ways We Could Fix Icy Roads [Science Video]

Salting roads in the winter is pretty commonplace in areas of the world that see freezing temperatures, but it isn’t the only solution. [SciShow]

6 Foods That Are Toxic If You Prepare Them Incorrectly

We prepare a lot of our food to make it safer to eat, but a piece of bread probably won’t hurt you if it’s not made correctly. These six foods, on the other hand, definitely can. [SciShow]