Biggest Covid-19 Mistakes to Avoid as We Try to Flatten the Curve

As we look forward during the Covid-19 outbreak, some governors are already talking about opening some businesses back up. Is it too early? Rushing to open could lead to a deadly second wave of infections and could be a massive error. Dr. Seema Yasmin outlines some critical mistakes that we should try to avoid while […]

How Much Do Cloth Masks Protect You From Getting the Coronavirus?

From Reactions: The CDC is recommending that the general public wear cloth face masks to help decrease everyone’s chances of getting COVID-19. So how does the virus that causes COVID-19—SARS-CoV-2—spread? And how much could cloth face masks help stop it? We contacted some experts to find out, and to learn what materials work best if […]

As Above: When The Microscopic World Meets The Immensity of the Universe [Video]

What you’re about to see might look like galaxies, suns, and other scenes from space at first glance, but “As Above” features a chemical reaction captured through a lens focused on an area of just 0.3 square inch. Be sure to watch this one in full screen! As Above is a short film exploring the […]