Ant-Man and The Wasp: The Honest Trailer [Video]

Return to the MCU franchise that makes you say “sure” and answers one very important question: Where was Paul Rudd during Infinity War? It’s Ant-Man and The Wasp! [Screen Junkies] Advertisements


This Highly Detailed Jurassic Park Ian Malcolm Statue is Sexy as Hell

A gorgeous and highly detailed quarter-scale statue of Jeff Goldblum in his role as Dr. Ian Malcolm in the original Jurassic Park. Sexy as hell, isn’t it? When you’re choosing the ultimate pose for a definitive statue of Jurassic Park’s Dr. Ian Malcolm, there’s one iconic image of the film’s “rock star” that stands at […]

Witness the Firepower of this Fully Armed and Operational Tree Topper!

From Thinkgeek: The Star Wars Death Star Tree Topper features the iconic Imperial battle station as a tree topper. With the included remote you can have the Death Star itself light up blue or red with a green laser dish. Spice up your traditional holiday classic carols with the Imperial March or the classic Star […]

This High School Dance Team Performed an Amazing Harry Potter Routine! [Video]

An amazing Harry Potter Dance routine by the PAC Dance and Advanced Dance teams at Walden Grove High School in Arizona for Homecoming 2018. [ThePac Walden Grove]

Boston Dynamics’ Dog-Like Spot Robot Moonwalks and Twerks to Uptown Funk in Latest Video

Wow, just wow. This is impressive. Now let’s have Atlas do a little break dancing! [Boston Dynamics]

This Magnificent Akira 35th Anniversary Box Set is the Definitive Reading Experience of Akira! (41% OFF)

If you’re a fan of all things Akira, this all-new, complete 35th anniversary hardcover box set of the comics features all six volumes in a revised translation with new, right-to-left lettering and Otomo’s original sound effects, plus the Akira Club art book and an exclusive iron-on patch. This box set won two 2018 Eisner Awards […]

A Tour of the New Tardis + New Doctor Who Intro [Video]

New Doctor, new Tardis, new intro. I personally think the new TARDIS looks amazing! Watch them both below! [Doctor Who]

A Gorgeous Classical Acoustic Guitar Cover of the Doctor Who Theme [Video]

From Beyond the Guitar: In honor of Doctor Who Season 11, this is my Doctor Who Theme classical guitar cover. If you enjoyed it, consider hitting that “Like” button! [Beyond The Guitar]